Wednesday, August 8, 2018

In the Garden: I Can't Pull that Weed Now and They Are Running!

After the rain fell all day yesterday I went out in the garden.  The beans were as tall as the tepees and they had started coming back down!   There were lots of beans on the vines too, almost ready to be picked!   Yeah!  

I was successful at pulling most of the weeds but there were just a few that it was just too late to pull!   Here the rattlesnake beans have completely wound there way around the weed.   Look at those blooms.  I'm not pulling that one, no way!    

At the back of the garden the white half runners are running.  They have closed the gap in between rows so there are no weeds to pull here!  

This time of year in the garden is so exciting!   I'll be working hard canning soon and sleeping like a rock!  

How's your garden coming along?  

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