Saturday, August 25, 2018

What I Spent at the Grocery Store this Week 8/24/18!

I guess why I haven't posted our food bill so much before is because it was outrageous to me.  The last few weeks have been better I think because I'm posting now and therefore keeping track of the bill.  Still though it's too much money for my liking.  I would love to get it down to $100.00 a week but I fear I'm a long ways off yet.  

Just a little information:  there are three that live here. My youngest does by some of her own groceries.  The grandchildren are here frequently.  

Farm Market

Blueberries (most were frozen)
Honey Rock buy 1 get 1 free
2 cukes
4 sweet potatoes
Total $29.26

Local Grocery Store

This was a last minute decision to stop by the store and get the ingredients for a low carb pizza one of my friends shared on line.  I'm glad I did, it was delicious!  

Pepperoni           $1.99
3 cream cheese   $1.19 each
Salami                 $3.50
Coke (daughter)  $1.99 plus .10 deposit
Total                    $11.16


One of the most expensive things we buy at Aldi's is our candy bars we call them.  We bought 6 boxes of Advance low carb bars at $4.99 each.   They have 1 to 3 carbs in them (called carb smart).  This will last us a long while.   

6 boxes of Advance Bars $4.99 each
2 boxes of tea $1.89
Milk (2)    $1.29 a gallon
Deli Sliced Cheese  $1.79
Greek Yogurt $3.49
Gluten free spaghetti  .99
2 garden mums for $2.99 each
Corned Beef  $10.65 (for homemade smoked jerky)
Green leaf lettuce  $.99
2 extra sharp cheddar cheese $1.89 each
cottage cheese $1.59
Pork rinds   $1.79
Bananas $.97 and .86-  He bought some and so did I.  He put the items on the belt and didn't say anything.  One bunch went to oldest daughter!  
Olive oil  Spray  $1.49
Stevia packets  $2.98
half and half  $1.69
pickles $2.29
Apples 3 lb $2.99
Total  $89.43

Grand Total spent this week $129.42

How did you do at the grocery store this week?  

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