Friday, September 14, 2018

Frankenmuth Michigan Car Show 2018!

One of our annual dates is the Frankenmuth Michigan Car show.   I don't really know a lot about cars but it's so nice to go and have fun with my husband looking at all the older cars.  

We found out this year that we've been going on the wrong day.  Previously we've went on a Sunday but this year we ended up going on Saturday. The difference in the amount of cars that are there is amazing.  So many cars we couldn't begin to look at them all before we were exhausted!  

I'm going to start out with my favorite -the Mountain Dew truck.  I like something unique and this was it this year.  

His favorite was the 65 Nova II- he was impressed!   

European small car (in other words we thought it was neat but we have no idea what make it was).  We wondered if we could get down in there and then we wondered how we would get out.  

Plymonth Super Bee- Just Perfect

This Ford Grand Tarino was just cool looking.  

We had forgotten (or at least I had) how big the steering wheels used to be. They were as big as a school bus steering wheel!

We both loved the trucks and this 54 Ford Pickup immediately caught our eye.  It's amazing how pristine this was.

300 Chrysler-  He smiles when he is impressed.  

53 Chevy Station Wagon- The station wagons were the vans of today.  We need them (you hear that manufacturers)!  I love the sun visor on the outside of the car too!  

Husband said if he got any models wrong just let us know!   

This was actually a very frugal date for us -we spent a total of $20 plus we received a free t shirt by filling out a survey at the GM booth.  Here is the total breakdown $5.00 a piece to get in, $5.00 for donuts at the Zehnder's Bake shop, and $5.00 for two coffees.  Time spent together-priceless.

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