Sunday, September 16, 2018

My Frugal Ways this Week 9/16/18!

Here are the ways  we've helped our household and saved this past week:

Zinnias in the garden

I'm still able to pick zinnias out of the garden for bouquets.   I think these are my favorite flowers.

Mustard Greens growing in the garden

I was able to pick a mess of mustard greens for dinner and a peck of tomatoes for sandwiches and salads.  The mustard greens were not quite big enough yet.  I hope to can them this week.

I picked apples with the grandchildren from the trees in the back yard.  This was our first harvest and there were exactly 8.  

I made sure to get a rain check for the shaving cream on sale for .99 at Kroger.  After I did that of course we were able to find more towards the end of the week. You can see my grocery shopping total for this week here.  

I filled out the Kroger survey and made sure to save my receipt and write down when to fill out the next one (you can only fill out one for fuel rewards every 7 days).

Used leftover chili instead of making a new recipe for the hot dog chili casserole in last week's menu.  This was a great short cut on a busy day.  

We sold 2 items we found beside the road for $30.  They sold within minutes on a Facebook group.  

My Goals for this next week:

Can Mustard Greens

What are the ways you saved this week?

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