Friday, October 5, 2018

Book Review: His Promise: An Amish Christmas in Hart County (Amish of Hart County) by Shelley Shepard Gray

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His Promise: An Amish Christmas in Hart County (Amish of Hart County) by [Gray, Shelley Shepard]

His Promise: An Amish Christmas in Hart County (Amish of Hart County)

It’s set to be a white Christmas in Hart County, and Grace King is pet-sitting in a beautiful home with only a difficult dachshund for company. Just as she starts to miss the bustle of her large Amish family, Grace runs into a familiar face. Living right next door is John Michael Miller. He’s a fireman now, but five years ago, he had courted her older sister, then broke her heart. Seeing him again stirs Grace’s anger, but also reminds her of deeper feelings she’s done her best to deny.

The infatuation John Michael once saw in Grace’s eyes is long gone, though his complicated attraction to her remains. He had walked away all those years ago when he realized he was falling in love with the wrong sister. Now, as suspicious fires are set in their community, that’s not an option. Grace dismisses his warnings, and John Michael vows to keep an eye on her. But he can’t help wondering if he’s reconnected with Grace, only to risk losing her again.

Now all John Michael wants for Christmas is to keep Grace safe, in the hopes that they can one day have a future together.

My thoughts:
With a great mix of both the English and the Amish world I began to love the setting of Shelley Shepard Gray's book, His PromiseThe Amish are right there along with the buggies and the countryside but the English play a big part too in their lives.  Along with a great romance and mystery it makes this a great story.  

His Promise reminds me that family matters can get complicated and not all families are perfect.  With a faith in God they get better and with love you can learn to move on.     

I became really interested when Miss Dorma came into the story.  Strong for an older women but yet needing help she brought a reminder to watch out for others in our lives.  

I also loved the Mom in this story.  I worry I'm a bit like her.

A great read!  

I received this book from the publisher for free. All opinions are my own

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