Saturday, October 6, 2018

Grocery Shopping Total for this Past Week 10/6/18!

We finally did it this week and went $34.00 over our $100 grocery budget.  Not good but we do have a few excuses:

Our Aldi's is closed for over a month!  They are remodeling and making it bigger so really I can't complain.  We did kind of freak out though and bought as much as we could, so we wouldn't do without our favorites. 

We also stocked up on a necessary product for flu season in Michigan, Vernors.  They are on sale through today, Saturday 10/6/18, at Kroger for $1.49 a six pack of pop.  For non Michiganders Vernors is a ginger ale type pop that we can't live without when we fill sick.  It is now hid outside in the play house till it gets too cold.  Then we will have to find a new hiding place in the house somewhere.  Exploding frozen pop is not good!  

I'm taking $34.00 off next week's grocery bill to even it out.  

A Little Information:

I want to keep our grocery budget at $100.00. I always forget to clarify how many people live here permanently and who we have her to babysit.   We have 3 people that live here (youngest daughter buys some of her groceries) and we babysit two grandchildren (although now they will be in school most days).

We also want to eat healthy so our grocery bill is a little higher than we are used to.  Like my husband says, "our health is our wealth."


Cracklins  $1.12
2 bags of pinto beans .75 each
2 Ice cream Bryers low carb $3.18 each (not shown)
Bananas $1.14
Sliced chicken $2.07
Sliced Ham   $2.84
Hot dogs $4.95
Jar of Red Hots  $10.58
potato chips  $1.12
Total $36.05


Lettuce   .73 after coupon recvd in mail
Half & Half   $1.19 after coupon recvd in mail
2 pkgs. of Tortillas   $3.99 each
4 pkgs. of Meijer Pizza cheese .99 each (discounted)
Total  $13.86


Celery   $.89
Carrots  $.79
Tea bags $1.89
old fashioned oats $1.99
3 gallon of milk $1.77 each
2 Peanut butter $2.49 each
4 cheese packages $1.69
2 bags of Honey crisp apples 3 pd.  $1.79 each
Ham  $2.99
2 Turkey snack sticks $3.49 each
3 endulgent bars $3.99 each
Baking Cocoa $1.79
Low cal bread $1.79 (still looking for that perfect low carb sandwich bread for husband)
Whipped cream $2.89
Total $63.79

Kroger (picture not shown)

Polish Ham  $4.99 (I think he has enough ham now)
Bologna $6.99 for one pound (never leave him alone in the store and check the cart)
Tuna (free Friday)
Bananas $1.06
5 Planters Peanuts .99 each (Fri-Sat deal)
5 Vernors 6pk $1.49 (Fri-Sat deal) (this is a ginger ale type product that Michiganders think is a must for flu season)
Deposit for bottles $3.00
sour cream  $1.25
Total  $30.28

Grand Total $133.98

How did you do grocery shopping this week?  

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