Monday, October 15, 2018

Menu Plan for this Week 10/15/18!

Menu Plan for this Week 9/10/18

Husband ventured out in the garden yesterday and picked a mess of mustard greens.   He had dinner all planned out and said we just need to fix soup beans.  I guess he is right and that's enough protein so we will have a meatless Monday.  I'll fix hamburgers though for the grandchildren when they come home from school.  

A little low carb musings:

We had lasagna last week with the zucchini strips I froze this summer.  I froze the zucchini by first getting all the water out of it on paper towel then I froze them in to batches for zucchini suppers.  I found out after making it for the first time this past week that I should have dried the zucchini as it thawed out too.  So it was just a bit watery but still delicious.   This type of cooking is so different that I'm always learning something new.

An idea hit us when we were on our way back from the Farmer's market to take a couple pieces of the low carb bread we bought and blend it in till it was in crumbs.  We then used that as a breading for fried chicken.  It was so good and yes we were in heaven!  I have also tried using pork rinds but we like this way better.   

We are having pizza again this Wednesday this time though it will be made with my friend's crust.  We love her recipe the best.  I finally got brave enough to ask if I could post it to my blog.  She said yes!  So I'll be sure to take pictures as I make it and post it as soon as I can.  

 Here is what I plan on having on the dinner table this week:

Monday             Soup beans cooked with a ham hock (they are in the crock pot now), and Mustard Greens from the garden.  Grandchildren will be here so they will get hamburger/chips.  

Tuesday             Chili with leftover soup beans

Wednesday        Pizza (I will be posting the low pizza crust later this week that we love the most)

Thursday           Chili with the leftover soup beans

Friday                Hamburger Casserole (Trim Healthy Mama)

Saturday            Out to Eat

Sunday              Grilled Rosemary Pork chops (on the George Foreman), green beans, and a salad

Need Help Planning your Menu?  

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