Saturday, October 20, 2018

My Grocery Shopping Trip for This Week 10/20/18!

We got some great deals this week that helped stock our pantry. 
I love to visit a coupon site called Bargains to Bounty and she lets me know what great deals are out for our area.  Her site has helped me to save a lot of money (and time) over the years.  

I didn't have one paper coupon by the way for the deals at Kroger it was all digital coupons.  I'm really getting quite lazy about paper coupons.  

If you have never read my grocery totals before here is a little Information:

I want to keep our grocery budget at $100.00. I always forget to clarify how many people live here permanently and who we have her to babysit.   We have 3 people that live here (youngest daughter buys some of her groceries) and we babysit two grandchildren (although now they will be in school most days).

We also want to eat healthy so our grocery bill is a little higher than we are used to.  Like my husband says, "our health is our wealth."

Kroger Shopping Trip #1

This was a little sad when we shopped at this Kroger.  It is going out of business.  It was quite small and people I guess must love to shop at the larger ones.  We did get some great deals though!  

50 % (price shown after discount)
Betty Crocker sparkles $1.00
Betty Crocker Gems $1.39
Kroger Lemon extract $1.99
Kroger Dill Seed $1.80
Green tea (Lipton) 2 boxes $1.80 each
Kroger NF Dry Milk 2 boxes $1.99 each

Regular Price items

Gallon of Milk $1.99
Koegel Bologna $4.79
Bananas $1.52
2 bags of Carmel $5.00

Total $32.34

Kroger Shopping Trip #2

I received a digital coupon for $20 off $50 by shopping Kroger's Clicklist for the first time.  Then I received some other digital coupons for clicklist too.  I couldn't wait to get my list going!  

Bag of pears $1.99
Kraft Cheese Free
2 Suave Shampoos .58 (after coupon)
Pure Silk Shave cream  $1.04 (after coupons)
Planters Peanuts $.99 (after coupon)
Bakery Chocolate chips Cookies   $1.71
Two Truvia $6.79 each
2 Heinz Ketchup $3.29 each
Kraft Mayo Free 
Old El Paso taco Shells  Free
Seasoning Free
Progresso Soup Free
Lettuce Free
2 M&M  $1.00 each
3 Kroger Cream Cheese $1.19 each
Kroger Shredded Cheese $1.99
Baby carrots .74 (after coupon)
2 Pepperoni packages $2.49 for both (after b1/g1 plus coupons)
Shredded Lettuce Free

Total $20.33

I took a survey for 50 fuel points..great deal.

Aldi (no picture)

We went on the other side of town to their Aldi that has been recently renovated. This was my first time going there in awhile and I love the layout.  Apparently ours will be the same.  I can't wait till it opens back up!  

2 waters (cases)   $1,99
2 half and half's   $1.69 each
3 sweetener pouches $3.89 each
2 Pork Rinds
2 gallons of milk $1.68 each
Peanuts $1.89
Bananas $1.89 and .84
Always Maxi Pads $3.27
4 Advance Low Carb Bars $4.99
Ham  $2.99
Colby cheese $1.69
Fruit snacks $3.99
Celery .89
Total $67.38

Grand total this week 

$105.05 (after subtracting $15.00 from under spending last week)

How did you do grocery shopping this week?  

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