Sunday, November 4, 2018

My Frugal Ways this Past Week 11/4/18!

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Our biggest deal of the week was bacon for $2.00 a 12 oz package. We bought enough to stock the freezer for awhile.  We did over spent the grocery budget by $50 but we will cut back $50 next week.  I will be back posting our total and pictures again next week.

Filled out the Kroger survey for more fuel points.

I've been busy decluttering and I sold a toy with a Facebook ad. Granddaughter knew just the toy it was when she came. She hadn't played with it in 6 months but she knew.

Made some sleeping bags for granddaughter's barbie and friends. I made one large enough for the whole Barbie family and one small enough for Chelsea. I hope to make one just for Barbie next week😉.  I also made some blankets for her dolls.

I sewed the hem back on a blanket.

The amount of Halloween trick or treaters that came to our door were down from last year. I froze the rest of the candy for treats for the grandchildren later.

Goals for this Week:

When I started making sleeping bags and blankets for granddaughter I got off track with the projects so I'll try these goals again next week. 
Make more dish scrubbies.  I'm finally out of them and I'm certain oldest daughter must be too.

Finish crochet baby blanket.  I'm almost done.

What are the ways you saved this week? 

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