Sunday, December 30, 2018

My Frugal Ways this Past Week 12/30/18!

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I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!  

Here are the ways I've saved this past week: 

We found ourselves in Canada on Friday night to visit Jackson Park light display in Windsor.  It was such a beautiful large display.  This tree kept changing colors and was timed with music. We hope to make this a annual tradition.  

We spent $10 total to cross the bridge back and forth (I don't like tunnels) and $8 at Tim Horton's for a warm up coffee and donut (I think Canada has better Tim Horton's than we do).  The display and parking were free (I still can't believe that).  

With the changing weather that day we definitely needed a warm up.   We had went from almost 60 degrees during the day then that night it fell down to the high twenties with lots of wind.  We now have snow on the ground and it's been in the 20's during the daylight hours.  Very cold after being so warm.

That morning, while it was still warm, we took the grandkids to the local park and hiked the trail.   They climbed mountains and conquered the forest.  What a wonderful day!  

One of my goals in the new year will be to sew/create more.  In order to do that though I needed to organize my sewing room and material in order to see what I have.  I had bought a lot of fabric at a garage sale and after washing it I put it in this huge basket.  I dreaded even looking through any of it.  It was just such a big mess!  

Looking for ideas, I searched on Youtube for someone who had organized her fabric and found this video.   I sorted and folded these past couple of days till I had everything like I wanted it but then I needed a shelf.  It was there in front of me all of this time but I never considered it before.  Right behind my sewing machine was a built in book shelf that I used well to hold ..books. So one thing led to another and then I had books everywhere. I sorted through them too and now I have bags to give to the library book sale.  The special books I wanted to keep are now on my endtable in my bedroom.  If your an author reading this, don't worry I kept all of yours!  I love to read that's for sure and it was hard to part with many of them.  That just proves though that organizing never ends!   

Last night I finally finished everything and I feel like I'm ready to get on the creative band wagon this year.  If you try this method, make sure you roll your fabric tight.  When you watch the video you will see her lean back and pull.  I probably should redo this again and make it better but whew, right now I'm good with it.  It's just such a big improvement. FYI: That's my much loved grandma and grandpa in the picture on the left.  

I did go to the after Christmas sales for one thing -freezer bags.  They always have the holiday ones on sale for 50% off.  You can not wait on these to go lower, they will be gone.  I use these all year round.  

We also went to our Lowe's that is closing.  I bought potting soil for 50 percent off for my winter sowing that I will be doing soon.  

My goals:

Write two posts:  My goals for this year and No Spend January.  The No spend January has been talked about a lot around here this last week.  

Take down the decorations and store them in the garage.

Get back on our low carb diet and stay on it!

What are the ways you saved this past week?

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