Saturday, December 7, 2019

My Grocery Shopping Deal of the Week for 12/7/19!

On my trip to Meijer I found these boxes of Oatmeal on clearance for $2.00.  That's about .40 to .50 cents lower than my usual Aldi oatmeal.   So I bought three and stuck them on top of the fridge, towards the back behind the rest of the cereal.   Then I thought, shoot, I should have taken a picture.  Well, let me tell you it was a lot easier putting them up there than I know it will be taking them down.  I'm sure I would have to go find the grabber or a foot stool. So, I decided I would just aim my camera up there.   Lazy ain't I?

Do you ever buy things on clearance  and think I should have bought more.   I'm trying to get over that hurdle but I still have some work to do.  I'm thinking I should have bought at least 5 of these because we love oatmeal so much.   I need to learn to just buy it or at least as much as the budget will allow.  

  What great grocery shopping deal or deals did you get this week?

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Lana said...

I wouldn't have taken them down either! I am the opposite of you and often buy too much. This week we got 5 big boxes of Kleenex brand tissues for 50 cents each. Also rolls of Christmas wrap for 50 cents. Neither were really a need but I buy when the price is right!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

What great deals Lana and I would have stocked up too or I hope I would be ha! You know cold season is around the corner!

Frances said...

I eat oatmeal almost every morning. Yesterday I bought 4 18oz boxes of Quaker oatmeal at WalMart for $2.48 each and then had two coupons for $1 off purchase of 2 boxes, bringing the net cost down to $1.98 each. I tend to buy more than I can store, but am pretty creative at finding good storage placed.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Great deal Francis! Yes, storage space is a premium and no room is exempt around here too!