Sunday, January 19, 2020

My Frugal Ways this Past Week 1/19/20!

Winter came again for us yesterday with about 8 inches of heavy, wet snow. It's amazing how bright this makes our world around here.   No flashlight needed at night here!  

This picture was taken yesterday morning when I heard the newsman say we had only received an inch.  I knew it was more than that and had to prove it to myself (and the world on Facebook).  That young whippersnapper!  We received at least a couple more inches after this picture was taken.  

I made a hamburger stew to help us stay warm after we cleared off the snow.  Well, after he cleared the snow with his plow.  I tried to shovel the patio but determined it was heart attack snow and ran inside.  I did help clear off the cars though so I wasn't  totally useless, ha ha.  

We received a coupon for a free pizza in the mail from Hungry Howie's for his birthday.  This came in handy one day this past week when we got busy.  

I made yogurt.

I earned enough points from Old Orchard Juice rewards to order a hat for my husband.   

I sent in some clothes to Thred Up and received approximately $5.00 that went into my bank account.

The grocery shopping budget went out the window when we made a trip to the Amish store.  We stocked up on meats and went way over (we failed the test).  We are doing great on the rest of our No Spend January so I'm just going to finish it out right the rest of the time.  Kind of act like it never happened.   I think any amount saved is great.  Don't give up!    

Cleaned out the bathroom cupboard and found lots of dental floss so I was able to take that off my list to buy this week.

Goals for next week:

Keep within the food budget.

Finish cleaning out the bathroom cupboard (who knows what I might find).  Then, I want to clean out the spice cupboard.  I'm getting in the Spring cleaning mode I guess.

How did you save this past week?  

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Cheryl Kimbley said...

That is a bunch of snow. We just got rain, wind, and now COLD!
Hamburger stew is the thing on a cold winters day for sure.
Hope you have a good week. Stay safe and warm.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

That cold...brr. Stay warm Cheryl!

gardenpat said...

We had biting cold rain and wind yesterday! Today, even colder and small flurries. The thing about your spending is that it will save both money and time! Money in savings over buying at regular store plus extra trips back to store to get more and time, by having what you need right there available to use at home!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

So true about the spending plus we are stocked up with meat for quite awhile! Stay warm Oat!

KayM said...

Like I mentioned last week, I had to pick up a prescription this week at Walmart, so I did get some shopping done. I needed quite a few household and personal items, but I only bought one food item--some grape tomatoes, so I was pretty glad about that. I did come across a weird situation in the cleaning aisle, though. I was planning to get a bottle of glass cleaner and as I was looking I noticed that in the same brand, the ones with the old label were only $1 per bottle, but the ones with the new label were $1.99. So, I got 4 bottles with the old labels. That should last quite a while.

Little Penpen said...

Beautiful snow!!! Don’t you love finding things that were on the list? I need to clean out bathroom cabinets, too.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Oh my that's crazy...just a different label and a $1.00 more! I would have stocked up too! Great shopping Kay!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Yes it was so fun finding that floss! I cleaned out the rest today but I just found things to throw away unfortunately. Have a good week!

Anonymous said...

Vickie glad you were able to top up on a lot of meat at the Amish store to fill your meat supplies. Sometimes it is wise to pick up the bargains as you see them as here anyway they are few and far between so we take advantage of them when we see them. Your stew looks so hearty and healthy and would warm any cold winter bellies and bodies after being in the snow :) .

Our goals for this week are to -
- Pick up some more dead cacti we poisoned at the back of the property and put more in the bin with a pitch fork as it is spiky :).
- Fertilise the vegetable gardens and fruit trees with the rainwater from mother nature that we saved.
- Damp dust and deep clean room by room using the rainwater we have spare to get rid of the drought dust in the home.

In the kitchen -
- Cooked all meals from scratch.

Cleaning the home and getting rid of drought dust -

- DH deep cleaned the outhouse with saved grey water from the washing machine and rinsed it with fresh water and it smells so much fresher in there now :).
- I deep cleaned the bedroom moving furniture I swept underneath them and swept and damp dusted the skirting boards, damped dusted the furniture and put them back and cleaned the windows. It is lots cleaner in there now.
- Having more water I also damp dusted the downstairs toilet and bathroom, spot cleaned walls,and gave the shower recess a really deep clean too.
- I also damp dusted and spot cleaned the walls in the rumpus room downstairs too so that now sparkles.

Free samples -
- I got two lots of precut salads being 200g of coleslaw and a 300g mixed lettuce blend saving $5.

Internet listings -
- I listed 10 items on eBay on a free listing promotion saving $16.50 on usual prices.

Purchases -
- Bought 6 pairs of shorts for DH and a packet of pens on special and combined specials and 5% off using our Wish e-gift card saving $33.41 on usual prices.
- On special we also purchased 6 x 1.25 lts of soft drink and combined specials and using our gift card saved $2.93 on usual prices.
- Filled up 4 jerry cans of fuel at a larger town we had an appointment at and combining our gift card and using our rewards 4c per litre further discount we saved $14.78 in total. This town is so much cheaper for fuel than the normal smaller town we usually fill up our fuel at so we got just over a half a jerry can free.

In the gardens -
- DH and I weeded 3 garden beds and gave the weeds and green grass to the wallabies to eat and they had a field day for two days eating them :) .
- Separated carrots growing too close together making two more rows in our garden bed.

Have a wonderful week ahead everyone :).

Sewingcreations15 (Lorna).

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

You've been so busy, Lorna! What a great savings on fuel. Glad you were able to fill up.
So glad you were able to get rid of all the dust. I'm praying you will get more rain. Have a great week.

Melissa Henderson said...

I needed a new "fancy" top to wear to an event for my husband's company. I wondered if I would be able to find anything in a good price range. Looking at the clothes at Belk, I found a beautiful black top with small sparkly beads. The price listed was $79.50. I would never pay that price. I decided to ask the sales associate. She checked the computer and said, "It's on sale for $16.00." I was shocked and thrilled. "I'll take it." :-) I am glad I found the beautiful item and at such a wonderful price.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

What a deal Melissa- that's a deep discount! I just can't get over that one, I bet you couldn't either!

Have a great day!