Sunday, February 23, 2020

My Frugal Ways this Week 2/23/20!

It's getting warmer in Michigan.  This week has been chilly but we are definitely on the side of getting warmer.  That means Spring cleaning is in high gear around here.  This past week found us pulling back the refrigerator and stove to clean underneath.  We found toys that we thought were long lost and broken glass from the corelle dishes I've broken.  You know when you break one of those they just shatter into a million pieces.    I try to only break one or two a season ha ha.  

What is it with me with breaking and spilling things?  I've been like this since I was a little girl.  I used to sit by my Dad at the dinner table and every time I spilled my glass of tea.  They finally moved me to the other end of the table.  They were not judgmental but they finally got wise.

Here are the ways I've saved this week:

Bubbleman Ron and his wife were at the library yesterday.  I ended up taking the grandson  (even though he thought he was too old) for the show.  It was unbelievable what this man could make with bubbles and he was so glad he went.  He made tornadoes, a volcano,  a caterpillar, and the list goes on.  He had us at the tornado!   We now have our supply list and we are going to make bubbles when it gets warmer.  Free library shows are great!  

With three nieces graduating this year, I've already been looking for their cards.  I figured I would find a deal on them, if I started looking now.  I was in our credit union and remembered they had celebration cards for their members for free.  I asked the teller and he brought me out three.  You just can't beat free!  

I bought seeds this past week at Menards for 10 cents a packet.  You can read what varieties I bought and how I plan to grow my groceries here.  

I made two loves of sourdough bread. This is an experiment in progress.  

I also cooked the turkey this week that we bought last Thanksgiving on sale for $4.20    I still have some left so today I'm making turkey pot pie for the freezer.  

A friend gave me two name brand purses that she found when cleaning her closet.  They are now saved back in my closet.

My Goals:

Keep Spring cleaning and Winter sowing.  

How did you save this past week?  

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Jenny Raith said...

The library program sounds amazing! I have found if I find it interesting then my kids did too no matter their age:) What a great perk from your bank with the free cards! If you have a Hallmark store nearby, you might check into the "free card on Friday" I saw was coming back.

We had a lovely, quiet week with a bit more sunshine than previously although it was still cold. I spent most of the time in the house adding to the wood stove, although I did get out a bit to go to church, the library, and to get groceries.
*Got another load of books through the inter-library loan system. I got some fiction ones this time to change up the nonfiction and also got a set of the old Murder, She Wrote movies on DVD. So fun and relaxing to watch those! My 14yo daughter also started using this service for her fictional reading. I’m excited this will save us $25 per year by not purchasing a membership at the larger library in the next town :)
*My frugal fail for the week was going over in the grocery budget. I’m hopeful gardening season will help me with this.
*I got some small rebates back from Ibotta and spent a few minutes getting Swagbucks points in hopes of getting a gift card in the near future.
*More on my blog!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Thank you for the hint about free card Friday! I did that last year a couple of times. It's very nice.
I love the loaning system your library has. We can get books from other libraries in the same system but not any others. That's a great service.