Friday, September 4, 2020

Free Kindle Books for Today 9/4/20 Plus Forgetting His Mama's Birthday, We Are a Mess!


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We forgot his Mom's birthday ..last month.  Pray for our souls.  She is so sweet and we forgot.  It's not often we forget this ..not sure we ever have.   We did call her and wish her Happy Birthday.  We are a mess this year.

So, today we are going shopping and looking for something.   We have no clue what.  It's seems she has everything but I know she would love something new.  We will walk by it and it will speak to us, I hope.

You know, she told my husband yesterday that her sisters boys went and bought two messes of green beans from the Amish and it cost them $30.00!  Man!  I've decided we are going to grow beans when times get rough (er) and take them south to sell them.  We could try here first I guess before making the trip. ha ha

What's going on in your neck of the woods?  

Until I Do (The Resolutions Series Book 1) by [T.I. Lowe, Christina Coryell]

Until I Do (The Resolutions Series Book 1) 

Mail Order Ruth by [Charlotte Dearing]

Mail Order Ruth 

New Christmas Gift Bells (Christmas Romance in Willow Spring Series Book 1) by [Brenda Clemmons]


The Hundred Dollar Wedding: How to Have Your Best Wedding on a Tight Budget by [Jessica Watts]

The Hundred Dollar Wedding: How to Have Your Best Wedding on a Tight Budget  (I read this before and left a review- the only one!)

Just Chili by [JR Stevens]

A Beginners Guide on Stone Painting: Have you stumbled across rock paintings and they look out of this world and you are seeking to try out these arts yourself? by [Laura Jane Allen]
Lost Snowflakes by [Linton Darling]

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Kathy said...

Aw I'm sorry that his Mom's birthday slipped by, but I'm sure she understands. Glad you were able to wish her happy birthday, and I hope you find the perfect present.
Wow, beans are expensive, aren't they.
Thanks for the books. I got the chili one, but I wanted to let you know that we really like your chili seasoning mix recipe. I had never put cocoa in chili before. My husband knew there was something different about it, but he couldn't guess what I added. :D Thanks!
Hope you have a great Labor day weekend.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Oh I'm so glad you like the chili mix recipe Kathy! I had a frozen meal of chili and it's so much cooler today that I'm warming it up in the crockpot right now. So glad for freezer meals.
Have a great Labor Day Weekend too!

Belinda said...

The Mennonite produce stand can be expensive here too, Vickie. But one of the men, when you ask him about the high prices, will say to you, "Well, how are your beans coming in?" LOL I like growing the bush beans as they don't have to have a trellis to crawl up and they are pretty easy to grow at that. I hope you find a lovely gift for your MIL.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Yes they are so easy. We grow both here so if we have a flood we still have the pole beans. Plus we love the rattlesnake beans. We just found her a nice jacket yeah!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Lana said...

Oh boy! My MIL is deceased but we would have never been forgiven. Half bushels of beans have been $40 here. Last year they were $60. I am thankful for the few that we harvested here even though we did not have enough to can.

Jenny said...

$30! I wonder how much that was..a bushel or two hopefully.

My mom forgot my 17th birthday. She always made a big deal of birthdays, making a special cake & taking our picture. We were too poor for gifts (I lived in a house with no indoor plumbing when I was born).

My dad had a stroke when I was 15 & was paralyzed. My mom took care of him at home so she had so much to deal with. I knew she'd forgotten when I came home from school & there was no cake but at that point....I'd had to grow up pretty fast. I was in charge of maintaining the family car & the yard. I was disappointed but not upset.

The next day when I came in from school she looked up, thought a moment then cried..'I forgot your birthday!' Then she really did cry. She was much more upset about it than I was. I can't even remember now if she made me a cake. My dad died when I was 17, my senior yr in high school (1984).

I told a friend recently that I really cannot think of one decade in my life that something crazy wasn't going on...starting with extreme poverty my first decade, my dad's health & death the just went on from there even though life has been a fairy tale for me. So as crazy as covid has been, I've lived through some real chaos. I feel so sheltered & safe now really...a nice home in the country all paid for & a healthy loving family. It's really a little paradise to me especially since I know just how bad life can really be.

So more good news...I told you my son is going to days...well my husband got a promotion! I hope you don't mind indulging me, I can't really share it with people who know him, except really close friends. He wasn't even trying for it. His boss texted him at home & asked him to call him so he could tell him. Same job & responsibilities. They've just bumped him up to salaried where he was hourly before. He's always gone above & beyond, he loves his work. So I'm very happy for him. A nice raise is nothing to scoff at either!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Yep I know what you mean by a crazy life..but it sounds like you had some great hardships. I'm glad you have learned to ride with the tide. It's hard and lonesome road sometimes. Your poor mom she was exhausted I bet.
Whoo boo but the good times are ahead it looks like with that promotion. Time to celebrate!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

She is easy going and a very nice mil thank goodness. So in the mail tomorrow it goes a jacket and a sweatshirt.
I'm thinking two messes for that bunch is a half bushel. So $30 a half bushel. Beans are extremely high..more than a steak!

Melissa Henderson said...

We're still settling in to the new house. Love the neighborhood and the new neighbors. Everyone is friendly. We are working on a few things that need repair. No big projects this weekend. Maybe some relax time. Have a blessed weekend! :-)

Kathy said...

Jenny, Congratulations to your husband and son!
Sounds like you had a rough childhood, but I'm glad you were able to make a happy life in spite of it all.

Nancy said...

Oh Vickie-you made me smile. I'm sure your MIL understands. It's been a really crazy year.
Can't believe beans are so expensive. We grow our own-there are only two of us so they're easy to pressure can. We grow pole beans but heard bush are more productive? Do you know?
Getting colder here in Northern Wisconsin, only a couple of hummingbirds (two weeks early) still here, are they telling us an early winter? (I hope not).
Anyway, have a good holiday weekend. We are staying home. Digging potatoes,etc.
Oh, we got a call today. We have been on a waiting list and the freezer that we ordered in May will be delivered next week!
My best-

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

We,are getting cold here in Michigan too Nancy! All fans are off and I've closed some Windows for the night.
We just picked some white half runner and some greasy beans that we really like. Seems like that the pole beans (rattlesnake) did the best in production this year but last year we had bushels of white half runners. So really from year to year it's different for us. We grow both every year.
So glad your freezer finally came in! That took forever!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Melissa moving is such a big job. I'm glad your just relaxing, I bet you both need it. Have a blessed weekend too!

KayM said...

Good afternoon, I"m a bit behind on my blog reading, but I had to stop and thank you for the TI Lowe book! I actually already had it. She is one of my very favorite authors, but I shared it on Facebook. Have you read any of her books? If you haven't read her Bleu Streak series, maybe you can get it on a good deal. It's great! I've read Bleu Streak Christmas twice and I'm thinking I might read it again in December. BTW, I checked on Marketplace to see if anyone has beans for sale in East Tennessee. Someone was selling half-runners for $50 a bushel. Oh my goodness! You grow my very favorite--greasy beans! I wish I had some today for dinner! I hope you have a good evening. Blessings...

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

We have decided greasy beans are our favorite. They were so good! Wish you were close by I would give you a mess.
I just downloaded her book too for future reading. I knew both authors were good but you have won me over!

Jenny said...

Thanks Kathy, I am so proud of them.

And my childhood to me, wasn't that rough because it was normal. I do tend to face things head on I think, because that's what you must do if you want to get past something hard.

My son says I talk about death more than anyone he knows...not in a bad way. I joke about it yes but I am not afraid of it. I've sat with dieing family 4 times, beginning with my dad. But I've learned that to be happy you have to let go of everything..good & bad. Too hold on too tightly causes pain. Cherish the good & don't dwell on the bad. To me, my life has been a fairy tale (even fairy tales have catastrophes & evil). I married my prince & lived happily ever after with the normal bumps along the way.