Saturday, October 3, 2020

Book Review: An Amish Husband for Tillie (Amish of Pontotoc) by Amy Lillard


An Amish Husband for Tillie (Amish of Pontotoc) by Amy Lillard

or the Amish of Pontotoc, Mississippi, all roads lead to faith, family, and tradition, even when the path is unconventional—especially at Christmas . . .
Tillie Gingerich is so in love with Melvin Yoder that she agrees to leave her conservative Amish home to live with him in the English world. But when the struggle to make ends meet leads to conflict, and reveals troubling weaknesses in their relationship, Tillie returns to Pontotoc—pregnant and unmarried. Her loving family accepts her, but to convince the rest of the community, they must turn to the bishop. Distraught, Tillie runs away on Christmas Eve—only to get as far as an isolated house on the edge of town.
Levi Yoder, Melvin’s upright distant cousin, is grieving the loss of his wife and wants to be alone. He is hardly pleased to open his door and find a pregnant woman––a painful reminder of all he’s lost. But with an ice storm approaching, he can’t turn Tillie away. Yet as morning nears, the miracle of Christmas brings unexpected challenges, opportunities—and promises for
the future . . .

My Thoughts:  

Grieve over a loved one can make you relive the moments with them over and over again.  It can be actual death of a loved one or death of a loving relationship.  Amy Lillard described both of these circumstances so well in an Amish Husband for Tillie, that I felt their loss as well as they did. You won't be  disappointed though in the suspense, the romance, and the loving families that make up the dynamics of this story. 

The character of the Amish bishop drew my attention.  He might have played a small role but he had a big decision to make.  I always feel kind of sorry for the leaders making their decisions. 

What a enjoyable book that kept my attention throughout!

This book was given to me by the publisher but the opinion is my own.

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