Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Recipe: How to Cook Mustard Greens (with or without Turnips)


I went out Sunday and picked a basket full of mustard greens.  That's about enough for dinner today.  Believe me these greens shrink ..a lot. 

I think mustard greens are so good but it took till I was in my 30's before I would have told you that.   I'm almost 60 and tasted my first raw turnip this past weekend.  I'm a little slow I guess when it comes to good food.

First, you will need to wash your mustard greens at least three times because bugs like to hang onto the leaves.  So wash and look carefully.  Then wash again and again.

How to Cook Mustard Greens (with or without turnips)

A stockpot full of greens plus just enough water to cover.  

1 good tbsp of bacon grease or oil

1 tbsp. of salt.

If you have turnips (optional) -peel, wash, and slice about 2 medium.  Put them in to cook right with the greens (this was suggested by everyone on my Facebook page and it was so good-thanks everyone)!

Cook on medium high till tender for about 30 minutesWatch carefully making sure they don't boil over the pan.

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