Thursday, December 31, 2020

Free Kindle Books for Today 12/31/20 Plus Little TIdbits of Weird Knowledge in the Kitchen!

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I sometimes think of the weird knowledge I know that trick the mind.  This applies not only to kids but to my life.  I made banana pancakes this morning and the first one turned out pretty bad.  

So, I hid it underneath the next one -which turned out looking like a pancake.  

It's all in the mind.

In the Kitchen I've also:

  • Turned over fried bologna that was too brown for the kids (and prayed they didn't look on the other side).
  • Put a little instant mashed potatoes in my real ones when I've made them a little too runny.
  • Put boiled eggs in my tuna to make it last (I love the taste too).
  • Made bread from frozen dough and just let them think it was homemade.  All I ever said was, I made bread today.  It was sad when they found out.
  • Made donuts from a can of biscuits.

What Little Tidbits of Weird Knowledge do you know in the kitchen or just let me know how's it's going in your neck of the woods?

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  1. I make cinnamon rolls out of Grands biscuits. Lay them out overlapping and roll out to make a large piece of dough. I make sticky rolls out of canned cinnamon rolls and you cannot tell I cheated at all. You can also add one real potato to a whole pot of instant mashed potatoes and they all taste like fresh.

    1. Oh I love all you ideas. I'm trying that potato trick soon. I'm going to look back for your recipe for black eyed peas to make tomorrow.

    2. Saute onion and green peppers and then add the peas and 5 drops Franks hot sauce. Simmer while the rice and cornbread cook! You can add whatever suits your taste but that is how we like it. Happy New Year!

    3. Thanks lana! I'll be making them for to try this
      good luck thing for 2021.

  2. my son realized that I sometime bought frozen noodles that they thought was homemade... sad for them but not for me LOL

    1. Aww you make them as good as store bought...or maybe they make them as good as you!

  3. Good tips!
    I got nothin,my brain is mush lately.
    Happy New Year's Eve!

    1. My brain gets like that too..yesterday was one of those days.
      Happy New year's eve too!

  4. It has never occurred to me to try to do this! I guess I talk to much because they know they aren't getting homemade. But for my own taste...I guess my favorite is 'homemade canned soup'. I buy canned broth, canned meat & canned mixed vegetables. For chicken soup I mix a can of chicken with chicken broth & veggies. For beef soup I mix a can of beef & beef broth with Veggies.

    I love this because it gives more veggies than regular canned soup & I have more control over the salt content. It usually makes at least 4 large servings (a cereal bowl size) or at least 6 servings if I serve it in a mug with a salad.

    Also, I drain the mixed veggies & hold back the liquid. Then if my soup is not soupy enough for my taste I add the veggie liquid in a little at a time. We like chunky soups & sometimes the liquids from the meat & the veggies is too much.

  5. Just call it “home baked” not homemade
    It’s still delicious

  6. My philosophy on instant mashed potatoes is that if you put enough real butter in them and use either cream or canned milk, no one knows the difference. My FIL swears he can tell the difference between real and instant potatoes and that I make the best real potatoes he has ever had. I'm allergic to potato skins and feel absolutely no shame in using instant potatoes. Ann

    1. I don't blame you a bit. I love to add more butter especially. You know one daughter loves instant the other real mashed potatoes. There is no pleasing sometimes Ann LOL


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