Friday, January 7, 2022

My Favorite Anthem Light Songs Plus a New Animated Show! #AnthemLightsMIN #MomentumInfluencerNetwork #PureFlix


I'm excited for Pure Flix's new original animated show,  A Show About Anthem Lights.  It's geared towards kids and adults and features the adventures of Caleb, Chad, Joey, and Spencer who are a part of the boyband, Anthem Lights.  

I think it will reach a lot of people who haven't heard their great music (like me).   You can watch a sneak peak of the show here.  I can't wait to see the new show soon. I bet my grandkids will love it.

Watching the preview, the smooth sound of the bands voices has made me want to listen to their songs.  So I spent last night watching and listening to video after video on YouTube  and determined that their singing of In Christ Alone is just so beautiful.  The harmony is just lovely.   As I listened I thought, that this has to be my favorite.

Then, I listened to It is Well With My Soul, I knew then that I would love everyone of the songs they sang.  They are addicting that's for sure!  

This excitement and honest review of the band is brought to you by Momentum Influencer Network and me!  There is more to come as the new show debuts I'll give you my honest review of the show then.

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