Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Pantry Challenge 1/11/22


I have a confession to make I haven't been really keeping track of our grocery bill.  I know shame on me but I just been buying great food and not worrying about it too much.  I really think the there is a  stop button that is in my head.  I figure I spend around $400.00 a month for 3 people (youngest daughter lives with us).  With this pantry challenge I hoping to spend around $200.00 a month and use up some of the food so we can restock.  Believe it or not, everything we bought this past week has stocked up our freezer and pantry a lot.  

It seems as though we only have $47.82 left.  The challenge has just begun.

What we bought from Flashfood:  

4 steaks (ribeye, t-bone, and chuck-eye) for $20 (5.00 each)

4 New York Strip Steaks
Ham steak $1.49
Total $18.65

Earthbound Farm Spring Mix (salad $1.59)
Meijer Cottage Cheese .64

I'm no longer looking on Flashfood...well maybe just a little.


Bananas $.1.76
Hot Cocoa  $4.58 (2 boxes) This was a big mistake -it said no sugar added.  It already had sugar in it but I guess they didn't add anymore?   We should have read ingredients list (Daughter and grandkids love it).
Candy        $3.19 (I think this was sugar free mints that he left in the car)
Heinz no sugar Ketchup   $4.49
Koegel's Bologna  $14.67 (3 @ $4.89 each)
Assorted Chops   $8.87  (we actually had a spat about this.  I said no, he said but look what a deal, I said no because I was having a lazy day and I didn't want to put them up, he put them in my cart and said he would help do that,  I put in the freezer bags when I got home by myself and he cannot go with me again) LOL

Total  $37.56

Horrocks In Lansing
reduced produce section
Bag of grapefruit  $2.49
Apples  $5.99
Lettuce 2 heads .99 each
Bag of Roma Tomatoes $2.49

Bananas  $1.69
2 Bacons (1 1/2 pounds each) $6.49 each
Pork Sausage $2.45 (marked down)
Baking cocoa $4.49 (I'm making my own no sugar added hot cocoa)
Hot pepper cheese $3.50
Smoke house 8 oz hickory snack stick $7.99
Coffee $9.69

Total: $55.74

Stocked up on Smoked Vienna Sausages from dollar general $7.20

Total spent this week $144.18
Last week's total  $18.00

This should be interesting! 

Menu Plan

Monday          Hot dogs with low carb buns (kids were here) and potato chips for them.

Tuesday          Spaghetti and a salad (1/2 pound hamburger)

Wednesday      Beef Stroganoff (the other 1/2 pound hamburger) and the rest of the salad 

Thursday         Grilled Chicken wings, mashed potatoes (potatoes from garden), and  green beans canned from the garden.  We didn't have this last week, we were treated for a dinner out.

Friday              Leftovers (there has to be some leftovers)

Saturday          Ham and Cheese Omelets and toast (low carb bread)

Sunday           Grilled Rosemary Pork chops (inside grill) and mustard greens (canned from the garden) and leftover green beans.

Breakfasts will be oats, egg sandwiches (husband loves ham), BLTs, and  waffles on Saturday.  Lunch, well you are on your own.

Are you doing a pantry challenge or maybe even a low or no Spend January?   How's it coming along?


Cheryl Kimbley said...

You did get some good deals.
Zero $ spent so far this month. Using what I have.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Yes we got good deals..now though it's time to use what we have and not let husband go grocery shopping again LOL

Lana said...

It is always nice to have some good steaks in the freezer. We did one discount grocery stop and spent $29 so far. We should probably hit Aldi before the week is over because that SNOW word is in the forecast and the shelves will be cleared out on Saturday.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Oh man we have COLD...SNOW is warmer but more work. Everyone need milk and bread I heard Lana!

Stacie said...

I'm doing a low spend January; we're still shopping, but only for absolutely necessary items. No "wants" are being purchased this month.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

It's a great way to save or recover from Christmas Stacie!