Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Pantry Challenge, Easy Recipe for Blueberry Pancakes, and Menu for 1/18/22!


Things never go as planned but we are not doing too bad.  Two grandchildren have come into play in this pantry challenge for this January so things have gone a little array (they are going virtual this week).

Rural King:

Honey Buns $4.99 

Dollar General:

2 cans of biscuits 2 for $3.00

I made donuts from one can of the biscuits(recipe here) on Saturday morning when the kids were here.

Then they spent the night and the next morning I made pancakes from a blueberry muffin mix I had in my pantry.

Recipe for Blueberry Muffin Mix Pancakes

2/3 cup of milk
1 egg

Mix together and make pancakes as usual.  These made about 4 or 5 big pancakes.  They smelled wonderful and were gobbled up fast!
I bet they would love the chocolate chip ones.

Everything was going along as planned until husband shopped.  He spent the complete $40.00!  Let me see:

3 gallons of Milk $2.79 each (I hope this will be enough for the week)
3 boxes of crackers .98 each (we love the no brand crackers)
Hickory sticks of some sort 3.79
Bananas .25 a pound (reduced) $.86
Red hots in a jar $10.58
2 boxes of sugar less gum  $3.34 each
Box of unicorn cakes to help the children do school work he said $3.12 
Little Ritz filled crackers $2.79 
I'm not sure but the receipt says GV HF $3.34

Total spent:  $49.31

Menu Plan  as we have dinner kind of early (around 2) and lunch is in the evening, those sweet virtual schooling grandkids will have breakfast and dinner with us.  Listen, I'm thinking easy and things they will love because I want them to eat.  No starving grandkids here!  

Monday         MLK day- Ham and cheese omelets, low carb toast (we had leftovers Sunday of chicken wings)

Tuesday         Homemade cheeseburgers and fries

Wednesday    Spaghetti

Thursday       Grilled cheese or PB Sandwiches and chicken noodle soup from a can

Friday            Baked chicken, mashed potatoes, can of biscuits, and green beans.   They can pick and choose what they want to eat.

Saturday         Leftovers because I'm certain I'll be tired!  

Sunday           Roast (in the freezer) and normal fixings

Breakfasts:   Fried Bologna/ham/egg sandwiches,  oatmeal (they love the brown sugar mixture), I have one more mix to use in the pantry so Blue Berry Muffins, Lunch, your on own.

Are you doing a pantry challenge or maybe even a low or no Spend January?   How's it coming along?

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Lana said...

I am always surprised at how much the grandchildren eat. They are bottomless pits! Your menu looks great. And yikes on Hubby spending the rest of the grocery money!

Elle said...

I did a big shop on Dec 24. We finished the fresh veggies for dinner just last night (I had to throw out 2 mushrooms that had a touch of mold on them). I went through the entire freezer last Friday: 3 baggies of stewed garden tomatoes, a partial baggie of diced green peppers(garden), a partial baggie of smoked Hatch chilis (garden) went into a pot of chili.

I cooked up a single pork loin chop also buried in the freezer and we had it with mushroom cream sauce over pasta with the dregs of steamed broccoli.

About a cup of frostbit blueberries went into oatmeal buckwheat pancakes one morning.

More frostbite: smoked hamhocks and a ham bone were simmered for hours and became a pot of split pea soup, enough for 2 meals.

And that's my freezer story. Now I know what is left in the freezer and all the frostbite has been consumed :-)

I've spent about $30 on food stuffs this month. I'll do my next big shop on Thursday. I'm aiming for every 4 weeks this year: 3 weeks fresh veg/fruit and 1 week from the freezer.

This was REALLY GOOD! https://thealmondeater.com/vegan-mushroom-pasta/?utm_campaign=yummly&utm_medium=yummly&utm_source=yummly

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Yes, they are a bottomless pit for sure. Constantly hungry!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

It's so good to use all we have and not waste it. You are doing great! The recipe sounds delicious!

Belinda said...

We are doing a lower spend grocery this month. So far, so good. I like the idea of making pancakes out of the muffin mixes.that is a great idea.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Can you imagine all the different flavor varieties for pancakes! So fun!