Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Why Mother's Day is Freaking the Daughters Out this Year and the Menu Plan 5/3/22!


So, why did Mother's day come so early this year?  It's coming this Sunday, May 8.  So a short explanation is that Mother's day is one of those holidays that is not a set time.  Mother's day falls on the second Sunday in May and guess what, this next Sunday is it.  

Usually it's more in the middle of May which makes it so much easier to buy Mom (me) plants without the worry of a frost.  They know my greatest wish for Mother's Day is flowers for my garden and they want to fulfill that wish every year without worry.   Our latest frost date in Michigan is Memorial Weekend (we need to wait till then to plant Summer annuals) so this year I would be covering them up for a least a couple of weeks and hope they don't die.  

So, I gave them an easy way out.  Give me a gift certificate or money for flowers, then we will make a day of it and go flower shopping closer to the end of May.   We will have a flower outing!  Best Mother's day ever with the girls!  

My to do list

Sometimes when I look at my to do list, I get freaked out and think there is no way I can get all this done.  It mostly works out though in the end.  Some days I'm overloaded so it just gets tacked on to the next day.  A little work each day makes it manageable.  

Tuesday - strawberry plants came in yesterday!  I ordered from MIgardener.  I going to plant them in a strawberry pot.

I found some volunteer strawberries in a old bed yesterday so I 'm  going to transfer the them to the  bed of strawberries I have by the shed.  Strawberries are everywhere!    

Wednesday- plant edible pea seeds to grow up the arbor in the garden, transfer pepper plants in the greenhouse to bigger pots (too small yet), and mop the floor!

Thursday- Clean the refrigerator, and start cleaning our bedroom from top to bottom

Friday- I'm sure I'll be still cleaning the bedroom, hopefully we will be on the bottom half and cleaning the carpet!  First though we are going to some sales either the M-15 garage sales or a subdivision sale.  

Saturday-We are headed out for Mother's Day dinner, after that I can get dirty.  I hate to go out to eat on the actual Mother's day because of the lines.  My mother once said to me that it is just not relaxing and fun to wait for dinner.  If the day is good and I'm not dead from all the  cleaning and planting this past week, I'm going to paint the outdoor furniture.

Sunday- go to the zoo with husband, grandchildren, and daughters.

Monday-Talk plead with husband into helping me move more of  those leaves in the neighbor's pile. I need help.  We couldn't burn the pile of sticks last week because of the leaves.  If I put them in a pile by our garden I could use them in between the rows to help keep down the weeds.  

Tuesday-it's pouring down raining.  So far I've cleaned the fridge and mopped the floor.  I might start on the master bedroom if I feel like it.

Menu Plan:   Easy dinners this week which will make getting this Spring work done easy!

Monday           Sandwiches leftover from when we went fishing

Tuesday          Out to eat (daughter's treat)

Wednesday      chicken and dumplings

Thursday         fried chicken wings, mashed potatoes, and green beans

Friday              Leftovers

Saturday         Out to eat for Mother's Day

Sunday           Picnic after the zoo.

Breakfast:  Egg sandwiches, boiled eggs (I made six this morning so I can have them a couple of mornings), waffles, and oats.

According to how much energy and time I have this menu could change at any time (sometimes it's much to the delight of my husband). Looks good though doesn't it?

What's on your menu?

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Lana said...

I love the plant shopping day! Too many strawberry plants is a good problem to have!

We won't go out on Mother's Day either. I want to get Chinese, which we never do, and eat in our screen porch. First the porch has to be thoroughly cleaned. We also have a bit much of chicken that has to go in the canner. We ordered a new freezer which is supposed to be delivered tomorrow. I will believe it when it is actually here.

We are having beef tips and mashed potatoes twice, chicken and noodles, lemon garlic salmon and black eyed peas and rice this week.

Have a good one!

Texas said...

What a wonderful thing, to go to the Zoo. I have wanted to go for so long. Mother's day, birthday, any day before it gets hot..no one seems to remember. I mention all the time but my son never hears or remembers. I even had wanted to go before his Dad passed. What am I to do. I just could not do it on my own even now. I had a hip replacement last year and could not walk it now. I just have put that need away now. Have a wonderful Mother's day and enjoy the grand children at the Zoo!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

I wish we could take you with us Texas. We love the zoo even as we get older! It would be hard to walk for sure. The zoo around here is free for Mother's on Mother's day and it's a small one which I love. Those big ones are just too much for me and the kids!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

oh I'm thinking about switching to chicken and noddle's instead of chicken and dumplings now. Sounds so good Lana!
Chinese on the porch..l hope you have a lovely day!

Nancy said...

Oh Vickie-love your to do lists! Nice to have goals even if you don't get them all done.
Temperature wise-we are behind you in Michigan. It's still in the 20s in Northern Wisconsin at night. Have a feeling we won't get a spring this year, just one day it will be 80. Can't wait to get going in the garden! Oh well, nothing we can do about it so we will embrace it! Happy Mothers Day Vickie-thank you for sharing a bit of your lives with us!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Nancy, you sound very close to us in weather but some worse. Apparently we are going to have summer next week. I'm wondering and worrying about our garden. You can't plant in a flood! It's a mess for sure.
You have a wonderful Mother's day too!