Saturday, July 30, 2022

My Frugal Week 7/30/22!

 Sorry I missed yesterday posting.  Our hot water heater quit on us.  I was vacuuming and decided I'd better vacuum the closet where that is and found it leaking.  We had bought this hot water heater before The Home Depot came in to our area at a place call Handy Andy.  We figured it was over 22 years old, so we were lucky it lasted that long.  22 years ago husband bought it dragged it in and installed it.  This year he bought it, left in in the truck, and then had it installed.  LOL.  We've gotten a little older!  

This past week we stopped at some great garage sales! Here is what we found. 

I bought a box of Amish Romance books for $5.00.   I'm all set for reading for a long time!  

We also bought a vet clinic toy for my granddaughter for $5.00.  She was beyond excited and she said it was just what she has been wanting.  I didn't know what I had bought I found out that  these are $150.00 on Amazon.   We didn't get every accessory but most of them were there.

I bought a quilt to put together this winter for $10.  It should be fun!  

We took a walk in the nature park not too far from us and husband taught grand boy giant to spit in the pond to draw the fish to the banks and granddaughter almost caught a frog.  We then drove up to a roadside stand and bought some corn for 4 for $1.00. What a deal! We bought 20 and I'll be freezing some this morning.  

After picking 4 zucchini (they grow over night), I made a chocolate zucchini cake. Wonderful!  

How did you do saving money this past week?

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Lana said...

I am so glad you found the leak before you had a lot of wet carpet! Yup, we are getting older and would have had it installed, too! I have seen that pet vet toy and that is awesome that you found such a great deal.

Tuesday was Hubby's birthday and we went wandering in the NC mountains. We ended up in a town with a Grocery Outlet and found some great deals. We were almost out of jelly beans and found a five pound bag of Brach's for only 2.99. Those will last us a year since we put them all in canning jars and tucked them away in the pantry. I can't remember it all but we got packs of Johnsonville link sausage for 1.99 and Sister Schubert's sausage and cheese swirl rolls for and incredible 1.33 each. These will part of breakfasts when our son's family comes over Labor Day weekend. We will all be at the lake house so I want easy meals. We also found peaches for .99 a pound so we put 11 packages in the freezer and made 3 jars of peach jam. A big savings for a birthday was also making cake at home from cake mix and frosting ingredients on hand. I made a huge bowl of frosting and froze three containers for later. One night we made lasagna using mozzarella bought for $1 a pound, cottage cheese that was $1 and a freebie jar of pasta sauce. We ate two squares and froze the rest for future meals. I only used 6 ounces of ground sirloin in the sauce and we did not miss the extra meat at all.

Have a great weekend!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Oh some great deals at the grocery outlet..wish we had one. I want to store jelly beans but I bet they wouldn't last for me. I love them a lot!
We have been cutting back on meat also and haven't noticed it at all.

Wandering through the NC mountains sounds so lovely. What a great birthday for your husband.
Have a great weekend.