Friday, August 12, 2022

What to do with Beans that Don't Snap- My 4 Favorite Ways


It's been a rough year in the garden.  First we had our normal spring rains then we went into a period  without any rain for quite awhile.  Oh, there were storms but they would pass us by and go to the next town over.  Finally, the rain fell so we are caught up now and I believe we are officially out of the drought status.  We watered the garden the whole time but there is nothing like a good soaking garden rain.  

This come and go again rain can reek havoc on the garden.  We grow heirloom rattlesnake green beans and they seem to very susceptible to a drought.  They are a pole bean and usually grow well.  Problem is when the weather is like this and you think they are just right for picking but they can be  rubbery and tough. There is no snap in them at all.

You might get lucky and get half a yield that's good but what are you going to do with the beans that don't snap? 

1.  My favorite way is to get the beans out of the pod and put them in the pot.  We love the beans I think better than the green pod so the more bean the better.

2. You could also let them grow big and then save the seed for next year.   I have a post that shows you how to save the seed here.  

3.  You could give them to the chickens.  The chickens love green beans and will eat them right up.  They don't care if they haven't got a snap.

4.  If you do nothing else make sure to compost and help build your soil for next year! 

The trick I think to growing green beans is to have a variety you love to grow.  If one variety doesn't make it the other more than likely will.   Right now we have three varieties growing in our garden,  rattlesnake, white half runner, and greasy beans.   It looks like we will be eating and canning mostly white half runner and greasy beans this year.

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