Friday, September 16, 2022

Frugal Friday 9/16/22!


I bought 3 organizational bins for $4 at a garage sale.  I needed them and I love how they just came along at the right time.  I find some great stuff that I need if I look hard enough. Tip: Always look under the tables.

I have been organizing the house so those bins will come in handy. You know, I don't buy too many books unless they are helpful to the house, garden, etc.  My romance books and pattern crochet books I usually buy at garage sales, go to the library, or get the free Kindle books I post on Facebook.  This past week I bought an organizational book called  The Home Edit:  A guide to Organizing and Realizing Your House Goals ($8.99 Kindle).    In some ways this is a more of inspiration book for me to get started with.  Our house doesn't have the room that they show in their pictures but I have figured out ways to make it work for us and I think that's what this book is about.  Right now I'm under the kitchen and bathroom sinks...oh man. 

The grandkids are always starved when they get in the car when we pick them up from school.  Of course the first thing they want is a McDonald's but really they are not that hungry. So, yesterday I put together a box of snacks for them and put in in the back seat.  They loved it.  They can wait till dinner now (I see that half a bottle of drink there and I'll go and get that out before we have a catastrophe).

Mustard greens growing in the raised beds

We are still getting a harvest from our garden but the work load has been less because of the drought.  Usually, by this time I'm swamped with green beans and canning up a storm.  Even though most of the beans were a loss with a tough hull shell, I have picked mustard greens, sunflowers (for the chickens and saving some for seed),  some cabbage, and we also dug up some potatoes this past week.  We have been harvesting the potatoes a little at a time. So, the garden has been producing.  

Beyond the weeds you can see the pumpkin growing.  We have 3 that I can find.

Husband has been cleaning out the garage and selling a few things on Marketplace.  I take the pictures. post the ad, and deal with the weird people who answer the ad but don't really want it.  What's with that, are they bored?  Finally, it will sell and then we have room for more stuff that we actually need!   

How have you saved money this past week?

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Lana said...

I like those wire baskets! They always come in handy! The snack basket is a great idea. I keep snacks up front in the van for us old people who get hangry way too easily.

We got tons of crazy deals at the grocery and salvage stores this week. $85 worth of food for $26 at Publix and lots of super deals and good stuff at the salvage store. 16 ounce cans of frozen OJ were $1 and my favorite deal was Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chunks for $1 a bag.

We canned the green beans that were ready when we arrived home from the lake, 9 jars of meat sauce and 6 of chili. Today I will have some chicken broth to can. I am hoping to get apples today. I can get a bushel of culls for $10 for canning applesauce. At least apples don't have to be done as soon as we bring them home.

Have a good weekend!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Oh man you can get great deals in your area Lana! I love the idea of the cull will make some great applesauce for sure.
Yes we need a basket of goodies for us too..I'll have to think about what to put in them for us. Love that idea!

Lana said...

We only keep peanut butter sandwich crackers in the car for us because they stand up to the hot temps in the car. We had too many things get melty and weird and we found that when we were starving we did not want anything sweet. It took us way too long and way too many thrown out snacks to figure this out!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Oh that's so true about the melting snacks and sweets. You know pretty soon we will be dealing with frozen drinks so I might have to bring the basket in.

Chef Owings said...

I used those baskets in my freezers. Hubby gave me pieces of vinyl left from deck to put between them so I have supported layers instead of smashed stuff in the freezer.

I need more shelves or cabinets or what ever... I told Hubby to start worrying as I was going to be in the barn going through "furniture" section to get what I need. LOL

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

They would be great in the freezer Chef. I guess we get in a mood to organize and will get the same the tools we need where we can!