Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Turkey Prices at Walmart and I Finished a Lot of my To do list and Just Fell Over!

 So, I keep hearing abou the turkeys for Thanksgiving.  How there won't be any and they will be high priced.  We happened to be in Walmart to get a car battery and I needed to buy milk.  Walked right past the turkeys so I thought I would take a look.  Here are the prices for the frozen turkeys they had out.

Total price for this Butterball was $24.39 at $1.68 per pound.

Honeysuckle white turkeys were $1.00 a pound for a total of $16.75.

Not bad but I'm taking a chance and holding out for a better sale.   I like them to be more like .37 a pound.   That should happen the more closer we get to Thanksgiving.  

To do!  

We are going through our to do list and more.   Listen, our weather is so nice so we have worked ourselves very hard.   We've raked leaves (we've put what has fallen so far in the vegetable garden and covered the strawberries), he has smoked jerky (wonderful stuff),  picked herbs and hung them up to dry, and a million other little things to be ready for winter.   

Then one day I fell over and slept for 10 hours.  I never sleep more than 6 or 7 so this was a miracle.  If anyone tells you to sleep less and get more done, just plug your ears.  You need to sleep to rest your body and mind.  The stuff will get done and you won't be as mean.

Here is a list of things of other things I was thinking about.  Should take me a good just a week to finish if I work hard. Some of this stuff didn't get done in the last two weeks and I hope to get it soon before bad weather hits.

Outdoor Work

Clean inside of car and truck.  Probably need to give the outside a wash too to get the cat paw prints off it.

Move all the lawn furniture aside so we can shovel and snowblow without a problem. 

Indoor Work

Organize the baking pans.

Clean carpets 

Crafts and Fun times

Work to Finish a quilt- this is reserved for rainy, too cold to work outside days, or the I refuse to do any more hard work outside days.

I'm always reading!

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Cheryl Kimbley said...

We all love the .39/lb. turkeys - but even at this price - still a decent price for meat.
Meat is very expensive and you can't even buy lunchmeat for those prices. So if I have to spend it, I will.
I can't remember getting that much sleep at once in years. Now last week I got more than that per day - but in spurts after surgery.
That time of the year - so many things to do!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Not bad at all for a turkey but I'm going to chance it. I guess we can eat chicken if I mess up.
I'm so glad your surgery turned out well, Cheryl.