Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Book Review: When Hattie Finds Love by Amy Lillard

When Hattie Finds Love: Heartwarming Amish romance set in Missouri (Paradise Valley Book 4)

                                                by Amy Lillard

Hattie Schrock’s lively optimism makes her the Widows Club’s most outgoing member. The circle has helped her through widowhood—and in building a thriving popcorn shop with her cousin. So when Elsie bets Hattie that she can’t help Paradise Valley’s most cantankerous man learn to be happier, Hattie tackles the challenge head-on. But what can she do when she finds Christian Beachy is far more complicated—and appealing—than she thought?
Christian lives his faith through hard work, supporting his overbearing sister, and growing the Valley’s best vegetables. After all, a good Amish man should be dedicated to duty. Yet suddenly, Hattie’s warm-hearted attentions and knack for unexpected adventures is showing him life can be so much more—especially if Hattie can share it with him. But when he discovers her wager, can she and the Widows Club ever convince him that her growing love is the real thing—and that risking together forever will be the sweetest, most fulfilling chance of all?

My Review:

Everything in, When Hattie Finds Love, was described so well it made me want to visit.  The area sounds so beautiful, I could imagine the rolling farm land.  While I'm there I want to visit the  popcorn shop and try some wild flavors.  Lastly, I would love to secretly listen to the meetings of the Widows Club too. 

I loved the charactor Hattie and her happy way of life.  She always had a smile and positive attitude.  She was convinced it would be easy to change Christian's attitude and she could win the wager without a problem.  

Page after page this was such a enjoyable read.  

I was given a complimentary copy of this book.
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