Thursday, October 9, 2014

5 Ways I love to Spend a Dollar

I went shopping yesterday, something I hardly do.   I probably miss out on some great sales that way but I just generally try to stay out of most stores, except of course grocery stores.  I happened by a children's clothing store and found some onesies that were on sale for my friend who will be having a baby soon.  The price was $14.95 with a 40 percent off sale.  Now, my brain figures math something like this- I think half of $15.00 is $7.50 so 40 percent off  should be around 8 something (don't laugh too hard).

Imagine my surprise when the price though ended up $10.17 without tax.   I was thinking man I'm getting old I can't figure things up as quick.   So I explained to the cashier that they were 40 percent off and she said yes that's what they are.   I was kind of dumbfounded.

She was ringing this purchase up at a cash register where I couldn't see what the price was.   You know the kind, only she can see what's ringing up and you don't have a clue.   So, what's a person to do but pay and wait till you get the receipt because really I probably was wrong.

So I got the receipt and they had rung up $16.95 (reminder always check your receipts!)   Made me feel a little better about my math brain.   I brought this to her attention and she promptly spoke to a manager, that was standing off to the side, about how to handle this.

Now, here is where I have a little problem because he looked at me and said, well it's 40 percent off.   Yes, I said, it is but the right price is $14.95.  He looked at me like, really.   You see the difference is only a $1.20,so he probably thought I was silly.   He did go ahead and tell her how to handle it.

It's just a $1.00 or so what's the big deal?   Well this got me thing what about what I love to do when I have a dollar.

5 Ways I love to Spend a Dollar

1.   I love an ice tea at McDonald's-I'm addicted!

2.   Spend it at a garage sale.  It's amazing what I can find for dollar at a Garage sale.

3.   I give my grandson at dollar (or two) to spend at the dollar store (he loves it)

4.   Find and buy a kindle book on sale for $1.00

5.  The last one is I would save it.  I will admit that this one should be first on the list!

How do you love to spend a dollar?

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