Friday, October 10, 2014

Frugal List for the Week

It's seems like a long time since the computer finally quit but really it's only been a few days.  We will be looking in the Sunday newspaper ads to find a good deal.  We only need the computer part not the screen so that makes it a little cheaper.

For Monday's meal we ended eating leftovers from eating out on Sunday.  I will try to incorporate a leftover day every week from now on.

I bought a few Christmas presents for my youngest daughter -two hooded lightweight jackets that were marked 70 percent off and then I went to the cash register and they took another 40% off!

Bought new pillows at Aldi's and reused the bags they came in for trash bags

Went for a bike ride and found a late yard sale.  Frugal and fit hat the same time! We found yard paper bags, New clothesline, and power drill for $2.00.

Went to meijer the first of the week and  bought two bags of salad for $1.00 a piece.  Went Friday again and bought two more for next week.  Meijer was on the way to another errand.

We found another garage sale Saturday on the way to fill up the truck.  We got a little excited about cheap gas.  I was able to find more bushel baskets, canning jars, toys for grandson, other odds and ends.

I made pumpkin cookies for a Halloween party instead of buying them.  My grandson loved helping me.

Went to my daughter's house and found the elusive library book.  That alone saved me paying $26.00 for the book.

What things have you done this week to save money?

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