Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Goals for the Week- Getting them done!

I had a little problem with some of the goals last week with going on vacation.   I did get a lot accomplished yesterday.   It was a beautiful fall day and I was able to knock out the garden work.   

As far as staying on the diet -well, I'll admit it got thrown out the window.   I was able to get my exercise in with all the walking we did in TN.  

Last week's goals that I was able to accomplish:

Exercise at least 3 times a week (I will increase this later).

Earn at least 20 Swagbucks a day.  (many times I earn more)

Clean the shelves of the refrigerator.
Clear out the bean poles out of the garden.   It's always easier to do this after a frost.   Now I just need to beat the snow!

Put up canner and organize canning lids.

Hem a pair of jeans I found at a yard sale.

Two things are on the top of my list this week are cleaning the computer room and  the printer set up.  I hope by organizing the computer room I able to find the software I must need to connect the computer.   I hope!

Office work

Connect the printer- not sure how to connect my wireless printer.   I'll have to take time to read the book!  There as been a coupon I want and this has got to be done!

Write a book review

Personal Goals

Exercise at least 3 times a week (I will increase this later).

Stay on plan for diet.

Earn at least 20 Swagbucks a day.  (many times I earn more).

Read the Bible more.

Extra Cleaning (beyond the call of duty)

Clean the rest of the computer room. (try again).

Clean off the front and the top of the refrigerator (taking down magnets and cereal boxes from the top).

Organize this!

Things I Love to Do!

Cook up meals ahead for when my daughter has her baby.  

Start on a new crochet blanket. 


Have a great week!

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