Monday, October 27, 2014

My Frugal List for Last Week

 We  didn't get a chicken from Sam's on Monday because I didn't feel well.   My  sweet husband went to McDonald's.   This is his way of helping me out.  I've decided over the years this is his way of cooking and I'll take it!  We still manage to save by going to the McDonald's that is not by the expressway. For some reason they are cheaper there   He filled up the truck while he was at it, gas is also cheaper in that area.

I was a little worried about not feeling well because we had  decided to go on a 5 day trip to Tennessee and Kentucky on Wednesday.   We decided now would be the best time before the grand baby was born and before the holidays.   We have relatives in both states to visit.

I made a menu plan anyway because you never know what might happen and the trip might be cancelled.

By Tuesday though I was all set and started packing (I'm one of the last minute people)- we ate leftovers from Sunday's meal.  We just didn't reheat I remade it in to a nice dinner.   Back to be frugal!

I made a big breakfast before we left that consisted of bacon eggs, and fried apples.  We didn't need to eat for quite a ways down the road after having that big breakfast.

Made sure we took every coupon that we had for out to eat on the way and brought our water and pop with us.

We got very lucky gas was very cheap on the way down.   Maybe fall is a good time to travel.

Thursday and Friday we stayed with my brother in Tennessee and he treated us to the Ober Tram ride in Gatlinburg.   So very pretty this time of year.

View from the Tram ride as we went up the mountain.

Stopped by the flea market on the way back to Kentucky on Saturday.  Thought I would buy some sweet potatoes on the way out but we came out a different door and I just forgot about them.  I was so glad that I didn't buy any, my sweet father in law gave us a big bag full of them when we got to his house in Kentucky.   He grows a large garden (he's 92 by the way)  and his sweet potatoes look wonderful.

Came back to my wonderful home with a smile on my face!

What did you do this week to save money?

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