Saturday, November 1, 2014

Menu Plan for week of 11/2/14~

As I'm writing my pizza dough is rising.   I'm finally getting to making that pizza this morning from the leftovers of making the spaghetti.  I made too much spaghetti and I had a some leftovers.

With the busy day we have planned for our Saturday, I'm just going to make that pizza this morning and cook it when we come back home in the afternoon.  I know myself and when I get too tired from the errands of the day...I will be too tired to cook dinner!

We never got to the pork chops last week so they are on the menu plan for tomorrow.

Menu Plan

Sunday........Pork Chops  (I think if I go look the Mustard Greens that I planned on having with this dinner would be frozen in the garden....very cold outside)

Monday...,,,..Fish and Chips

Tuesday...... Baked Chicken

Wednesday.. Fajitas (with leftover chicken)

Thursday.......Hamburger Steak  with soup (pinto) beans

Friday...........Sausage with Sauerkraut and leftover soup beans


What are you having for dinner this week?

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