Saturday, February 28, 2015

Menu Plan for 3/1/15

Even though I knew it was coming I'm just amazed how much beef has went up.  I have sticker shock!  We bought our hamburger last week on sale at Gordon's food service but to buy a roast is just beyond our budget right now.   We've talked about meatless meals before but I'm going to try and incorporate them more in our weekly menu plan.  

On other news:  I'm getting used to going out in the freezer (our freezer is in the garage) the night before to get a frozen meal through the week.   I  thaw it in the refrigerator and by morning I either put it in the crock pot or by afternoon I bake it.   Easy as can be and so cost effective for us.   We would be so tempted to eat out otherwise while we watch our grandchildren.
Today I hope to put up some more freezer meals so I can keep ahead of the game.

Sunday             Out to eat and a bluegrass concert!  
                         This was one of our Christmas presents to each other.  We love destination presents                              and we knew it would be boring with the winter weather.    We were right.

Monday            Meatless Meals -Meatless Sloppy Joes (except I will use with dry beans in the                                      crockpot)

Tuesday           Meatloaf  (frozen Meal)

Wednesday       Leftovers 

Thursday          Swedish Meatballs (frozen meal)

Friday              Spaghetti (with the frozen ground beef)

Saturday           Fish and Chips (never got to it last week)

What's on your menu?

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