Sunday, March 1, 2015

My Frugal Ways This Week 3/1/15

My Frugal Ways This Week 3/1/15
This bunny was eating crabapples off our tree.

Sometimes the simple joys are the best!   We had a great time watching our cat when he seen a bunny outside our picture window yesterday.  I think the bunny was lucky there was a window between them.  We have seen quite a few big rabbits around.  Kind of makes me worry a little about my garden come Spring!

We had time one day and managed to go to three grocery stores nearby to get the deals at each one. We were very happy with the amount of groceries we got for our money.   I'm not sure if we can manage this or even if it will be worth it every week but we might be doing this more often.

I used the onion bag for a kitchen scrubber for pots.   I just wad it up and tie a knot.

After taking a survey from Old Orchard Juice  I had enough points to get a coupon in the mail for free juice.

The other rewards I completed  this week are here  at the bottom of the post (**the e- books may no longer be free).

Made great use of the leftovers;

My Frugal Ways This Week 3/1/15
It's always feels great to use the leftovers in another meal.

Made potato cakes out of the leftover mashed potatoes from the day before.

Used the rest of the fried apples we had on Friday to make apple dessert on Saturday.  Baked it in the crockpot.

We had a hamburger steak leftover that no one wanted so I crumbled it in the blender to add to the frozen chili.   Made the chili more filling.

How did you save last week?

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