Saturday, April 4, 2015

Menu Plan for 4/4/15 -Easter dinner


I'm cooking (as I know many of you are)  ahead of time this morning.  The Shuck Beans our cooking on the stove and the Carrot Cake is in the oven.   It smells like heaven in my house this morning!   

With the leftover Easter Ham easy dinners are in store for me next week.  I'm going to try to mix it up through out the week so they won't say, oh no Ham again!

It's been a little warmer this week after the snow.   I was glad to see the crocuses blooming in my flower garden just in time for Easter!   

Easter Sunday              Ham, Shuck Beans, Carrot cake, Hawaiian Sweet Rolls (Aldi's had them!),                                            Eva's wonderful potatoes, and  Deviled Eggs (Eva),  Happy Easter!

Monday                       Ham Sandwiches and leftover anything!

Tuesday                      Chicken and Dumplings

Wednesday                  Homemade Pizza  (ham)

Thursday                     Meatloaf (frozen meal- never got to last week)

Friday                         Leftovers

Saturday                     Ham and Cheese Omelette's

What's on your menu?

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