Sunday, April 5, 2015

My Frugal Ways this Past Week 4/5/15

The day started out with sunshine and my crocuses blooming.   Wonderful morning. So I got excited and hung my clothes to dry just as the sun went behind some clouds.   Little did I know that it would come a down pour and the sun would never return!

I waited two hours after the downpour and the sheets were still soaking wet.   So in the dryer they went.   I'll have to be a little more patient to wait on dryer warmer weather in order to hang out clothes.

Used my coupon for a free cheeseburger that came in my monthly email from Speedway and then got a free pop with my points.

On a half day for school my husband took the grandson to the local park.   He promptly made a friend and they had the best time.   Free is good.

The neighbors came and brought me a box full of pretty baby girl clothes.   We have the nicest neighbors.

I was able to make the grandkids Easter baskets from clearance items I picked up last year.   I hope I run into that sale again this year at Joanne's -it makes Easter so much happier and cheaper.

I had an aha moment when I wrote about crocheting dish scrubbies last week.  I left a comment on The Prudent Homemaker's blog and received a comment back saying it would be good to use the net bags that some produce comes in.   I promptly did just that.   Now to have a few moments to crochet some this week!

I've been boiling our ice tea on the stove instead of the ice tea maker.   It comes out stronger and I don't use as many tea bags.

Caught up on all the rewards on Friday night and Saturday morning that I could.   You can see them here (the books may not be free any longer).

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