Sunday, November 8, 2015

My Frugal Ways 11/8/15

Leaves in the Garden-Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

The leaves are rapidly coming down now in our area.  Our neighbor put leaves from three lawns on our garden using our tractor.  It really helps the garden and it's free! 

We sold an item on Craigslist. 

I repaired my husband's t-shirt, sewed on a button, and repaired some gardening gloves.

Iargo Springs-Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

We took the grandkids up north for a fall car ride.   We just paid for gas and McDonald's (we had coupons).  Everything else was free. We will have some great memories!

Two saves from the trash can:

I made up some toilet bombs from a recipe from the internet.  The recipe bombed!   I almost threw it all away until I thought of putting them in a shaker bottle and just sprinkling it in the toilet.   

The shaker bottle was from Stevia I purchased.   I washed it thinking it would be great to save for something!   

What did you do this past week to save money?

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