Sunday, November 29, 2015

My Frugal Ways this Past Week 11/29/15

Birds in the Bushes on a Frosty morning

The frost was heavy this morning but the sun was shining as I went to throw the pumpkin in the garden.   I never carved it for Halloween and saved it for part of the Thanksgiving decorations.   It will also help the garden and maybe a deer or two.

Pumpkin in the garden

I chopped up the rest of the turkey and used it for Chicken Turkey Noodle Soup for today.   I also threw everything leftover with a little extra yesterday for a Turkey Casserole.  I froze it for later.  If everyone likes it I'll write a recipe!  

Turkey Casserole

I made sure to freeze one of the pies too for later. 

I bought sweet potatoes on sale for 39 cents a pound and my daughter bought the turkey for 58 cents a pound for the Thanksgiving dinner.  I love sweet potatoes so I made sure I bought enough for awhile.  They don't seem to last as long as potatoes though so I have to watch and not buy too many.

Other frugal news:

I'm one of those ones that venture out on Black Friday.  Do you? I'm a late starter so I don't stand in line. This year I managed to go out around 8:30 in the morning.  The problem with the late start is that some of the stuff might be gone but that's the chance I take. One of the presents I needed was out of stock except for the floor model.  I was able to get the floor model for $30 off the black Friday price.

We walked down the block to an estate sale on our block on half off day.   I bought a like new bathroom trash can and my husband bought a much needed snow rake for the roof.   They (neighbor and my husband) had been using a homemade model that was hard to work with but got the job done. I bet we looked a little funny walking back to the house with our purchases.  With some other tools and little things I think we might have spent $35.00.  It's great to find things we need for the house (tax free).   Half off days vary by the company holding the sale.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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