Monday, January 4, 2016

My Goals for this Week 1/4/16

Here are some of our favorite ways we enjoyed the New Year so far:

I love to feed the birds especially when the beautiful grandbaby is around.  She will watch them for quite awhile.  Sometimes they get so close she will back up like they are after her.  This totally cracks us up.  

With the wonderful grandson we played the Pie in the Face  game we bought him for Christmas. This game became very loud with each turn until finally we all got whipped cream in our face. We had a blast!

Pop took the wonderful grandson one day to the new Burger King playground by us.  He came back smiling, happy, and tired...three of our favorite things!  I think this is where Pop may have spent some of spending money we've allowed ourselves for  No Spend January.    The shakes seemed to have made them both happy! 

With the snow and cold we got this past week we put on our fleece sheets.   We are wimps now and shiver over any little cold.  

Here is what I managed to get accomplished this past week:

Write a Book review.

Write two posts (the ideas are ready to go).

Figure out what hosting site would be good for my blog.

Make a couple more ham meals then call it quits!  (yeah!)

Clean out tupperware and pan cabinet.

Take down what little Christmas decorations that I managed to get up. Make some Christmas tags from old Christmas cards. 

Watch my diet!   

Go to Sunday School again next week.  
Read the Bible more.

Earn at least 15 Swagbucks a day. 

Here is what I hope to accomplish this week:

Office Work:

Write a Book review.

Kitchen and House Work:

Clean out pan cabinet.

Clean the living room carpet (I'm going to wait till a warm day)

Personal Goals

Watch my diet!   

Go to Sunday School again next week.  (love it!) 

Read the Bible more.

Earn at least 15 Swagbucks a day.   I just cashed in my swagbucks for a $10 gift card for Burger King!

What are your goals for this week?

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