Friday, February 12, 2016

How Finding Money Can Make a Difference


My money Jar for Charity-Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

Donna @Surviving and Thriving  said the money she finds all year (on the ground, in machines, etc) goes to charity at the end of the year. This year she was able to give an extra $30 towards her favorite charity. That spoke to me. I mean how neat is that, extra money for charity. I also thought "this could be an easy fund raiser."

I like how she gives in January when charity's may be having a hard time.  It's past Christmas but there still is the Mother or Father that is having a hard time putting food on the table. 

Just to let you know though since I've read that post that I've not found one dime outside my house.  Oh I've looked...hard. Still do on the odd chance it may happen.  I walk with my head down now (looking up occasionally to make sure I'm not run over).  So far I've come up with nothing, zero, zilch, in the month and half since I've started.  

Believe me these people here are not letting go of one penny, dime, or quarter around here for me to find.

So I've had to make up new rules for me.  Any money that no one claims and it's just laying around my house goes in the jar for charity.  Also on the odd chance I happen someday to find some change when I'm out, that will go in the fund also. 

Here is where I've found my money so far:

In our van console

Under the computer desk (I also found a dried up strawberry..ugh)

In the couch

A dime on the table

Total so far: $2.00

Do you ever find any money outside of your house?

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