Sunday, April 3, 2016

My Frugal Ways This Past Week

In our effort to get fit we walked in the local nature park this past week.  I also found a local church that has a free walking track that we can go to when the weather is bad.  

We went to a local church for the Easter egg hunt - We enjoyed the little carnival they had but we became too cold to stay and wait for the egg hunt.  We came home to warm up a little and then I decided to have an hunt outside for them with the eggs I had made up.

Easter Sunday brought nice the 60's.  The weather is jumping all over the place right now.  One day snow and the next day Spring. 

For our Easter dinner we used the ham that we bought and froze at Christmas time. We made great use of the leftovers after I gave some to my oldest daughter.  Sandwiches and omelettes were made twice and I used the leftover mashed potatoes for potato cakes.

This ham was bigger than I thought so I ended up freezing enough chopped ham & cheese for 3 omelettes also enough for a ham dinner to warm up later.  We also of course saved the bone for beans.

Bought spring clothes at the Salvation Army.  I'm glad I went ahead and just bought the clothes instead of waiting to the .99 cent sale.  I would have never made it back.

We trimmed all our trees and the rosebush.  When the weather is nice we try and go out as much as we can to clean up. 

I've been saving egg shells all week so that the grandson and I could start flower seeds in them soon. These will go in the vegetable garden when we plant it.  

What ways did you save this past week?

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