Sunday, April 17, 2016

My Frugal Ways this Past week,What Was On the Dinner table and My Goals for the Week 4/17/16!

I've decided to include My frugal Ways this Past week, What Was On the Dinner table and My Goals for the Week all in one post.. They all kind of fit right in with frugality.

My Frugal Ways this Past Week-My Spring Planter-Mom's old washtub
My Spring Planter -Mom's old washtub

My Frugal Ways this Past Week:

After spending money on our trip we were more than happy to get back to the art of saving this week.   Here is how we did:

Our garden area stays wet till approximately the end of May. I'm afraid to step in it right now for fear of never getting back out.  If I plant a Spring garden it's in containers.  This past week I used Mom's old washtub to plant lettuce, onions, and radishes. I planted the rest of the onions in my herb bag that I saved from last year. This is Michigan if it comes a snow storm I'll have my husband wheelbarrow it in the garage!  Anything is possible!  

Washed and hung up the kitchen and shower curtains I bought at a community yard sale in Florida.  Love decorating this way!

I called the credit card company when I realized I forgot to make the first payment on the dishwasher (I really think I didn't get one). They dismissed the $25 late fee and I'm still good on the 0% interest.

Received free zucchini seeds I ordered in the mail.

Dabbled at hanging clothes on the line ( a couple of quilts, a winter coat, and some sheets).

I spread mulch around the trees and bushes.  We bought the mulch last year cheap at a estate sale.  

Made two cookie sacks for next Christmas (just left out the cookie mix for now).  I had visions of sewing every night last week...they were just visions.

We went to our first garage sale in Michigan on Friday.  I found a lot of clothes for the grandson for a $1.00 apiece.  I also found a skirt for me with tags still on it for $3.00.

I bought strawberries on sale at the grocery store and made strawberry jam.  Although the strawberries were not as cheap as last year they were still a great price.   

Answered the survey at the bottom of the receipt for extra gas points at Kroger.

What was on the dinner table last week:

After eating out a lot on our trip we decided to make sure we made dinner all week. It helped that the weather turned nice and we could grill out. It also helped that we stuck with simple meals at the beginning of the week. There is nothing like homemade food! 

Monday:        Ham dinner I froze from Easter.  I also made some snow peas we bought In Kentucky at a Flea Market on the way back from Florida.

Tuesday:           Pork Chops  (leftover snow peas)

Wednesday:     Sloppy Joes (birthday celebration) and cake)

Thursday           Cheeseburgers, chips

Friday                 Hot dogs, chips

Saturday            BBQ Spareribs, baked potatoes, and Garlic bread made out of the hot dog and hamburger buns.

Sunday              Grilled chicken, Rice,  and a salad.


What I hope to get accomplished next week:

Crochet more dish scrubbies.

Start seeds in eggshells.    Something fun the grandson can help with.

Get started back Spring Cleaning.

Review a book.   I finished reading A Road Called Love by Murray Pura.   Oh my it's a wonderful, wonderful book!  Now to be able to put all that wonderfulness in my review!  

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