Friday, August 5, 2016

Garden Update for August 5, 2016- How My Plants are Growing in the Heat and Low Rainfall

Garden at Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

In spite of the very high temperatures and low rainfall, my garden is producing (I'm watering).  Although we are not getting a over abundance like we did last year.  Thankfully we still have canned goods left over.  

I love Tommy Toe Tomatoes!

My favorite plant right now has to be the tommy toe tomatoes!   They are like candy to me and most of the time they do not make it back in the house.

These Watermelons are looking good!

This will be my favorite plant later!  The hot weather is great for growing watermelons.  I have about 6 watermelons growing here and there.  I can't wait.

Yes, your seeing right, that is a weed right by the big watermelon.   Here is another..

Weeds happen ha ha

This weed is growing right in the middle of my beans.   They are wrapped around it so there is no getting it out of there. Stuff Weeds happen..

The Zucchini keep growing!

The Zucchini just keep growing...I'm beginning to love it! 

Everyday harvesst-Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

About everyday I get a little basket full of vegetables from the garden. I found that Zucchini yesterday hidden underneath the leaves.  

The Fall Garden-Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

The mustard greens we planted for Fall are coming up! You can read the easy way I manage to plant small seeds here. 

Oh, how I need the cooler temperatures of fall like weather.   Hopefully soon.

How's your garden growing? 

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