Saturday, October 22, 2016

My Frugal Ways this Past week,What Was On the Dinner Table and My Goals for the Week 10/23/16!

We are still enjoying sunny days but they have turned a bit chilly here in our part of Michigan.  The nights have gotten pretty close if not to the freezing mark.  The garden is all in now except for the mustard and turnip greens.  We go out and pick those here and there for dinner.  Okay, the husband picks I cook. 

I just had to share this picture that my daughter took.   She stashed her bird feed in the old newspaper box and the squirrel made a easy access hole!   He is so cute but very destructive.  

The ways I've saved this week:

I cut up my vegetables including potatoes for the week (thanks Rhonda).  I did this on Monday when I had more time and it was so nice to have the potatoes ready later on in the week.

I bought a flat of strawberries for $8.00 (8 qts) at the Farmers Market.  I froze some and gave some to my oldest daughter.

I repaired a tear in my nightgown.

I've started earning more points on Swagbucks.   I want to earn gift cards for Christmas and our No Spend January.  I should have been doing this more before but now I'm going to do it everyday that I can.  

Received two great coupons from Speedway (gas station).  One was for a free cheeseburger and the other for free water.  Made for a nice little dinner for my youngest daughter.

Made 1/2 dozen Pickled eggs.


Aldi :

Cookies                                          1.99
Pb Cookies                                   1.39
Ice Cream                                     2.49

Carmel apples                             1.99
Garden salad                                  .99
5 Cream of chicken soup         .69 each
2 bean with bacon soup           .89 each
3 lb of butter                               2.99 each
Peanuts                                         2.39
almond milk                               1.99
iceberg lettuce                             .97
bananas                                         1.08
clubhouse cracker                    1.69
wheat bread                                  .99
2 gallons of whole milk     `   1.49 each
all purpose flour                        1.27
cereal                                             1.99
dish detergent                           1.89
diapers                                         4.99
tulip bulbs                                   5.99
hand sanitize                         .       . 99

total   $56,21

Meat store (no picture):


Total:   $30.00

Grand total $86.21  


What was on the Table last week:

Monday                     Roast, potatoes, carrots,

Tuesday                     Hot dogs, chips

Wednesday                Beef stew (used leftover roast)

Thursday                    Out to eat

Friday                         Fried chicken, mustard greens, mashed potatoes, and cornbread.

Saturday                     Leftover fried chicken and sides.

Sunday                       Pork chops (I haven't decided on the sides yet)

My goals for next week:

In and around the Home:

Make some more freezer meals.

Clean the spice cabinet and make up a batch of chili seasoning.

Clean the refrigerator.


Date night with my husband.


Write a book review.

What ways have you saved this past week?
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