Sunday, January 15, 2017

My Frugal ways This Past Week and Our Second Grocery Shopping for No Spend January 1/15/17!

Here are the ways I've saved this past week:

Made dish scrubbies, a dish cloth, and started making mitten coasters to put in baskets for Christmas presents next year. I didn't see until this picture, how much that I went off with my stitching. I'll have to redo it real quick. So far it's all been made with materials that I had on hand.  I will have to buy the material though for the bottom part of the coasters.  

Made my own sour dough starter by using this recipe.  Worked great!  I made rolls for dinner on Saturday and the husband loved them.

Fixed the dishwasher this morning.  It was a easy fix and not worth the tears.  Just the thoughts of having to wash all those dishes by hand got me started!  I've gotten a little spoiled.  

We (me and my husband) fixed our oldest daughter's screen door that got caught in the wind storm we had.  Okay, I held the door and gave suggestions. 

We haven't eat out once this week!  I actually made dinner or warmed up the leftovers every single day!

I have been making do without printer ink this month.  I've been handwriting  recipes and small crochet patterns.  I'll probably buy some next month.

I used some of the weird food in my pantry! As the pantry supplies have dwindled somewhat on No Spend January, I've been left with an odd assortment of food.  Yesterday I was given a recipe for a cake that uses both sweetened condensed milk and caramel.  I made the caramel with the sweetened condensed milk.  Thanks for the suggestion Elena! Today we are having Salmon Cakes for dinner.  

We ran out of half and half for our coffee before grocery shopping day so we made our own.  We used equal amounts of evaporated milk and regular milk.    

Grocery shopping:   

Denny's (small store in another town)  

Chopped salad       .99
6 tomatoes            $1.58
4 pk frozen burritos    $3.99    
4 boxes of cereal   $1.39 each
bag of yellow onions   .99
3 blocks of cheese $1.79 each
Roast    $7.15
Hamburger $2.93
Pork chops  $3.52
4 pks of Lunchmeat- total  $6.00
chocolate candy bars-$4.00
Liver cheese   $2.18
spt crn almn cr c $1.00 (I have no idea what this is!)

Total $47.00 ($7.00 over budget) 

Menu:  What was on the dinner table for this past week

Monday          Spaghetti w/ garlic bread

Tuesday          Tater tot casserole

Wednesday    Leftover tater tot casserole, peas

Thursday       Roast, potatoes, and green beans

Friday            BLT

Saturday       Leftover Roast, sourdough rolls, potatoes, and green beans

Sunday          Salmon Patties, fries, and sliced tomatoes

My goals for next week:

In and around the Home:

Complete the gifts I started making last week.

I finished clearing and shredding documents from the filing cabinet.  It had been quite awhile.  This week I'm going to organize the closet that is in the computer room. This is where I store the Christmas gifts and my dress clothes.   I'll be done then with this room after that and will clean the carpet when it's warmer.  


Write a book review.

What ways have you saved this past Week?  

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