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Book Review: Amish Brides

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Amish Brides by [Beckstrand, Jennifer, Jebber, Molly, Lillard, Amy]

Amish Brides

From Amazon:

Under bright blue skies, wedding bells ring—fulfilling sweet dreams, impossible wishes, and joyous new beginnings . . .THE RELUCTANT GROOM
Jennifer Beckstrand
Spirited Suvie Newswenger has three marriage proposals—but not from the man she truly loves. No matter how lonely widower Aaron Beachy is, he seems determined to stay that way forever. Now, with help from his matchmaking great-grandparents, Suvie will do whatever it takes to rekindle Aaron’s hope—and spark happiness for a lifetime.

Molly Jebber
Madeline Lehman fears her fiancĂ©’s family will never accept her because of her rebellious sister. She’s postponed her wedding to Joshua Stutzman until they see the truth. But when Maddie adopts her sister’s abandoned baby, can she and Joshua find a way to unite their families through forgiveness as well as love?

Amy Lillard
Reba Schmucker longs to be a bride. And she knows her mischievous nieces just wanted to help when they “chose” Abel Weaver for her. But he’s the last man in the world she’d ever marry. There’s no way her independence and his stubbornness could ever get along—unless a sudden crisis somehow leads to understanding . . . and love.

My thoughts:

What a delightful collection!  I thoroughly enjoyed reading all three stories in Amish Brides.

Jennifer Beckstrand

Within the first three pages I was smiling with this book.  I believe in the first chapter I laughed out loud a couple of times.   I just fell in love with all the characters.  Of course my favorite were the grandparents who wanted the best for their grandson.  

The Reluctant Groom truly made me think about how life must go on and to not dwell in the past.   

Molly Jebber

Truly a heart wrenching story of a family in crisis.   Heartbroken by the choices of one of their own family and then given the cold shoulder by some people of the community, they had hard time.  

Madeline was a strong character in this book.  I admired her for her maturity in knowing what she should do.  Her hard work and caring for others shines throughout the book.  

In Joshua's Bride I reminded how we should love our community and not judge them by the actions of others.  

Amy Lillard

Right away I was caught up in the action in this book.  I just kept turning the pages and there was never a dull moment!   I loved the descriptions of real life that happen to us all.  Then there were the unique circumstances that made the book so enjoyable!  

Those nieces were my favorite characters throughout.  I could just imagine my sister and I when we were young.  The descriptions of their shenanigans were perfect!  
A Summer Wedding In Paradise reminds us that we shouldn't try to change who we truly are for anyone.  

Wonderful, wonderful book!   

You can buy Amish Brides here.  
This book was given to me by one of the authors. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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