Friday, August 18, 2017

Suggestions for What Food to take to a Cabin

This past April we rented a cabin and this past weekend we finally went for a our little summer trip to the U.P. of Michigan. This is our second time we have stayed in a cabin up there and we love it. There were six of us total including the two grandchildren and we had plenty of room and beds.  We were able to enjoy breakfast in our PJ's and come home after sight seeing all day to a bonfire or read a book quietly on the deck.  

Just to be clear this cabin was modern not rustic.  We are just not that kind of people ha ha.  So we had t.v., internet, indoor bathroom, refrigerator, and stove.  The cabin was very pretty and set in a wooded plot of land with a stream flowing by at the bottom of the hill.  I should mention it was a very cold stream, freezing is a good word.     

The cabin, they said, wasn't supplied with everything you would need but they did have pots, pans, cups, plates, silverware, and a coffee pot.  Now I didn't want to cook all the time so we planned on one big meal out everyday.   I took fixings for breakfast and something to make for a sandwich at night.

We also didn't want to wash dishes all day so we brought paper plates, napkins, etc.   We ended up only washing a couple of things a day.

Space was limited in our vehicle but here is what I took with us. A great deal of this just came from my pantry and freezer.  I started looking for groceries to take with us a month or more before we left so I could get them on sale.  Prices were definitely higher in the U.P.  I'm not sure it was because it was a tourist type town or that they have to truck their food in from a long distance away.  It could be a little of both.  I put my foot down though when I saw the $3.00 price for a small loaf of bread and decided we had enough to last us.   Next time I will take 2 loaves of bread! 

This list was for our family of  4 adults and 2 children for a 3 night/4 day stay.  



Toilet Paper (they gave a limited supply)

Paper Plates and bowls

Plastic Silverware

Coffee filters

Dish washing soap

Snacks (because you see we might starve to death)


Hershey's Candy Bars 

Graham crackers

Pork Rinds

Popcorn in a bag


Potato chips

Trail Mix


Fudge stripe cookies  I ate them before we left

Good Food

Oil (small jar)

Cooking spray

Pancake mix 

Two boxes of cereal (Raisin bran and Cocoa Krispies)


Beef snack sticks

Breakfast Sausage

Hot dogs (for the bonfire)


Hot dog buns




Pop (only enough to fill the cooler)

Juice boxes for kids

Coffee (including filters)

For breakfast we had: egg sandwiches, cereal, oatmeal,  fried bologna, and sausage and eggs.  We never used the pancake mix.  

For late night snacks we had: bologna sandwiches, cereal, and hotdogs.   


You may still need to shop at a grocery store. We bought milk, almond milk, butter, soda pop, eggs, and water at the local grocery store as soon as we got there.  

We took a small cooler filled with water and pop everyday we went site seeing. I made sure to fill up the ice trays that were in the freezer a couple of times a day so we didn't have to buy any ice. So much cheaper than buying individual drinks along the way.

We took our bonfire sticks for the marshmallows for smores.  We were lucky that there was enough wood around at the campfire that we didn't have to buy any on the road.  Really, though for the $7.00 or $8.00 you may have to pay for a stack of firewood, it's cheap fun. 

We noticed that people had left things that would prove to be very helpful if you forgot something.  There were half filled bottles of shampoo, lighter fluid, charcoal, etc.  Make sure to open a cupboard and check before you make a unnecessary trip to the store.  We wanted to keep in the spirit of things so we left the rest of our coffee and a small bottle of dish washing soap.

Wash the dishes before you use them!   It may have been awhile since someone has used that bowl and it could be full of dust.  Yes, it happened.  

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