Saturday, October 14, 2017

Garden Update: Flowers, Pumpkins, Peach trees, and Mustard Greens, it isn't over yet!

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I was out in the garden last night watching the bees buzzing through the zinnias.  It was fun to watch and after many tries I finally captured a picture that wasn't blurry. I used my zoom to help me stay a safe distance away (really though they didn't seem interested in me at all).  

It's just about time to pick another bouquet. I picked all orange for the fall season last time.  You know, I haven't even looked once at the bouquets at the store this summer.  This patch has really saved me a lot of money.

Last year I bought my first zinnia seeds from Amazon but this year I'm saving my own seed.  If you would like to know how, Rhonda explains how easy it is to save zinnia seed here.  

The grandchildren were excited when they found two pretty  pumpkins ready to pick.  They left them at our house because their resident squirrel will eat them if they took them home.  The small white ones sitting between the mums came from a farmers market.

My mustard greens are ready to be picked and I can't wait to start canning!  These greens will be my last canning session of the season.   I'll be posting soon my estimate on how much the garden has saved me this year.  

If you can adjust your eyes to this picture you can see my peach tree inside the tomato cage. This is my second try growing a peach tree, I believe a deer ate the other one.  Thank goodness my friend had more starts and gave me two.   On the advice of a another friend I used a tomato cage and white rope to scare them off.  I've seen deer, so I know that so far my prevention tactic is working.  I have heard that this deer deterrent is great for the vegetable garden too so I hope to do this in the spring around the garden with posts.  Now I just need to weed.  

Lawn Mowers or weed wackers are one of the leading causes of  tree death so I always try to put some kind of border around my trees.   Here I've put rocks, but mulch helps a lot too.  

Is your garden completely over?

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