Sunday, October 1, 2017

My Frugal Ways this Past Week 10/1/17!

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I found two big pumpkins in the garden for the grand kids.  The rest were bit smaller but they will still love them.  Some of them are orange already but I'm going to leave them on the vine as long as possible.

We have been blessed that we haven't had a frost yet and the garden keeps producing.  Although last night I'm sure we must have came really close. 

I picked two cabbages and rattlesnake green beans that were dry enough for seeds.  I'll be making the last of the sauerkraut today.  There are a lot more ripe tomatoes out there too that I need to get to!  Then there were the 5 zucchini that seemed to just popped out of dead vines.  I believe only a frost and some snow can kill these plants!   

I was finally able to find the comforter that I wanted for our bedroom at a garage sale for $25.  We also found a quilt for the spring ($25.00), snowblower for daughter, and a  like new toaster oven ($3.00).   These were all on our list this year to find at garage or estate sales.  Sometimes it's hard to wait but we usually find what we want and need.  If we don't it's on our list for the next garage sale season.  

I turned over my old menu plan that I printed and used the other side of the paper to print the new one.

I was able to hang out clothes on the line many times last week. 

I earned enough points for a free magazine from Recyclebank

We only ate out once because I wasn't called for Jury Duty.  We ended up just having the leftovers from eating out.  

Our refrigerator basket broke and my husband glued it back together.  This refrigerator is working great but the plastic is also cracking on the shelves. The ice dispenser isn't working either but it's still making ice so we are good. It's long past the warranty so we just keep repairing.  I'm thinking one day in the near future we will have to buy a new one.  😅


Keep picking the rattlesnake beans for seed.

Clean the carpets in the bedrooms on a warm day.  

Go through the gift closet and see what I have so far.  

Can more tomatoes.  

Defrost the freezer on a cool day.  

What are the ways you've saved this past week?

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