Monday, December 11, 2017

Menu Plan for This Week 12/11/17!

With the forecast calling for more snow and cold I tried to think of all the warm hearty meals I could this week.  You know those heavy meals that stick with you and warm you up.  Yep, after some lovely weather this Fall we are officially wimps. We have to build up a tolerance soon because you know the grand kids will want to go sledding if there is enough snow.  Brr!  

Today I'm making tator tot casserole.  It's always fun and I hope the grandson will love it.   It will be his first time tasting it and you just never know. 

My Menu Plan for this Week 12/11/17!  

Monday               Tator tot casserole 

Tuesday               Chili (freezer meal) and grilled cheese sandwiches

Wednesday          Delicious Chicken Pot Pie

Thursday             Leftovers

Friday                 Hamburger Steak and French fries

Saturday              Out to eat

Sunday                Chicken and Dumplings  

Menu tip:   Cook with the seasons.   Winter dinners here are very hearty!  

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