Sunday, December 3, 2017

My Frugal Ways This Past Week 12/3/17!

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Here are the ways I've saved this past week:

Sorry no pictures yet,  This one is from my files and it's how our landscape looks now.  I was able to buy a new camera yesterday with some money I received for Christmas.  It should be here soon!  

Cashed in my Speedy Rewards (Speedway) for a $5.00 Gift Card

Bought a down comforter for $14.00 and a $10 gift card for JC Penny for $5.00 with points I earned at AARP.

Bought an $5.00 Amazon card with my Swagbucks.  

Completed the Kroger survey and downloaded the coupons on the Merry Days of Christmas promotion every day.

Bought 5 pounds of flour for $1.19 at Aldi's (bought 5) then bought 5 more on Saturday for .99 at Kroger.  Also bought oil for .99 at Kroger.  

I made sure to get the last couple of Kroger's Free Friday products and used a coupon that I got in the mail for Free Milk.

We didn't renew our Sam's Club membership.  We decided that the amount of shopping we do there is not worth the cost of membership.  If we can get a deal on membership later in the year we will consider it again.   We stocked up on the few things we consider great deals before our membership ran out though (spices, trash bags, etc).

Made cookies with the grandchildren last week.   I'll be so glad when I can take pictures again!  They ate most of them through the week but I saved 5 or 6 and put them in the freezer. 

We used the wax inserts I cleaned and saved from the cereal boxes for rolling out the dough.   

I peeled and fried apples to put in the freezer.  It will be great to have these for Saturday morning breakfasts.  

My goals for this week:

Get back to linking up with blog party's.  It's fun but I just needed a break I guess.  

Start wrapping presents!  

Make gingerbread cookies with the grandchildren.  

What are the ways you've saved this past week? 

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